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Nash Holos Nanaimo 2021-0728 Hour 1

Interview with Paulina Zelitsky, about her 2-volume autobiography The Sea is Only Knee Deep which tells the story of her life growing up in soviet Ukraine, her harrowing defection to Canada from Cuba in 1971, her accidental discovery of the 2nd Cuban Missile Crisis and her concerns that we may be on the verge of a 3rd Cuban Missile crisis • Ukrainian Proverb of the Week • Other Items of Interest • Great Ukrainian Music!

Hour 1 of this edition of Nash Holos Nanaimo is hosted by Pawlina, in English. (Part 2 is hosted by Oksana Poberezhnyk, in Ukrainian.)

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You can hear the Vancouver edition with Pawlina on Saturdays from 6-7pm on air at AM1320 CHMB and streaming live at the CHMB website.

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Vol. 2

Video links:

Arturo Sandoval, Cuban-American jazz artist's rendition of Miles Davis' Seven Steps to Heaven in 2016 at the Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv

Ukrainian singer Helena Androsova's Sea Shanty Wellerman in Ukrainian

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Nash Holos Podcast 2021-0924 Interview: Oleg Atbashian 2011

Back in 2011, some 10 years ago now, I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with Oleg Atbashan, author of a book called Shakedown Socialism: Unions, Pitchforks, Collective Greed, the Fallacy of Economic Equality, and other Optical Illusions of "Redistributive Justice".Oleg shared with me some startling personal recollections of life in Ukraine—and, by extension, anywhere in the former USSR—before the collapse of communism in Europe, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the years following until he left Ukraine.He also reflected on the circumstances, events and government policies that led to the Holodomor (the famine-genocide in Ukraine in 1932 and 1933) … and why in his view the western world is on the brink of repeating history from the darkest days of communism in eastern Europe.It seemed a bit far-fetched 10 years ago… but today, maybe not so much. That interview was recorded via Skype in days before today’s advanced recording devices and internet technology were readily available and affordable for independent broadcasters in home studios. So, apologies for the sound quality. I hope the content of this interview makes up for it.Ten years later, it is every bit as timely...if not more so.To visit Oleg's website, and get an autographed copy of Shakedown Socialism, click here:Here are affiliate links to Oleg's three books referenced at the end of the interview. If you use these links to purchase Oleg's book, you will be supporting both Oleg and Nash Holos. Amazon will send a (very small) commission to Nash Holos for promoting his book: Shakedown Socialism. Link here. Hotel USSR: Memoirs of a Soviet non-artist. Link here.A Notebook for the Resident Socialist. Link here.Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio airs in Vancouver Saturdays at 6pm PST on AM1320 (streaming at and in Nanaimo Wednesdays from 11am-12pm with Pawlina and from 12-12:30pm with Oksana (in Ukrainian) on CHLY 101.7fm (streaming at Transcripts, information and more at the Nash Holos website here. Thanks for tuning in!