The Napping Wizard Sessions


Wait For It...

Season 2, Ep. 13

This just might be the most difficult-to-listen-to show I’ve made yet. You know those hidden songs at the end of some CDs: you hear the last one and then there’s acres of space and, wham, there’s a weird clip? Well that’s what this show is about. You have to have patience for this show, and with me, but this is the best way I could do a show about silence and surprise, and methods of exploiting new audio media. These songs would never have been played on the radio in the way they were made, but in the wild west of podcasting, even this goes! Keep this playing and you’ll hear clips from The Outer Limits, The Dust Brothers, Judas Priest, Weird Al Yankovic, The Beatles, Monty Python, Christina Aguilera, Jethro Tull, Public Enemy and Korn, and then complete songs by Alanis Morissette, Nirvana, The Donnas, Dragon Ash, The Cows, Negativland, Albert Ayler and Deee Lite. Wait for them all, and don’t adjust your (head)set.

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Feature: Marie Duprat

Season 2, Ep. 10
In this show, I’ll walk you through the piano compositions of a friend of mine, Marie Duprat. She composed Variations Kervilahouen after a two-week visit to Belle-ile-en-mer in France in 2006. I’m playing versions mainly from a recording she made at Gennevilliers Conservatory in 2007, but I also mixed in a few – under my narration and the main one from La Pointe du Talut – from a recent concert at L'Atelier du Plateau in Paris in 2019. If you want to listen to just the music, without my commentary, I’m including a Part 2, so you can go there before or after listening to this one.Marie was born in Strasbourg, in the Northeast of France. She studied music at the Strasbourg Conservatory and later moved to Paris to get her piano degree at Gennevilliers Conservatory. She continued her studies, this time in philosophy, history and literature, at the Sorbonne. She was on track to become a professor of philosophy when she was offered a job as an assistant at France Musique to conduct radio interviews dedicated to jazz and classical music. For the next ten years, she immersed herself in the music of others. In 2004, after what she described as exciting years, though filled with anxiety from time away from her own music, she left this job. In 2005 she allowed herself a self-imposed sabbatical to turn back to the piano, singing, writing and finding her artistic center. It was in June 2006 that she went to Kervilahouen. After that time she participated in a theater project in Rome with the comedians and authors Luisa Merloni and Fiora Blasi in Cabaret Hypocondriaque in 2007-2008. In 2011 she composed the music for a film documentary of the structural anthropologist Jean-Pierre Vernant by director Emmanuel Laborie and also composed stage music for a production dedicated to the poems of Arthur Rimbaud titled Vies ou les courants de la lande. In 2013, she realized a project titled Partita based on the No. 2 for piano of Johann Sebastian Bach with dancer and choreographer Laetitia Angot. Next it was her 2008 experience with comedians that led her to again collaborate with Fiora Blasi on Never Mind the Words where the two play the roles of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and Marie recomposed much of the music of the films from the two comedic actors’ catalogs. Her most recent project is another collaboration centered on the allegory of Plato’s Cave. You can find out more about her here: and here:

One Song: The Clash, Wrong 'Em Boyo

Season 2, Ep. 9
In this series on The Napping Wizard Sessions called ONE SONG I’m taking deep dives into single songs. In this episode, I take The Clash’s WRONG 'EM BOYO and chart the history behind it that connects late 1800s America through the true story and legend of Stagger Lee with the Jim Crow American south, reggae and the Jamaican Rude Boys, the Black Panthers, John Sinclair, the mods, skinheads and the birth of punk in the UK, and push it up against the anti-immigration and racist climate we're witnessing today in the dis-United States. For what appears to be a simple song, after peeling back the layers, it ends up becoming something like an anthem for solidarity, uniting racial and social struggles, and fraught with the glorious embellishment and vernacular drift of oral traditions. A lot of people are curious - What does 'Em Boyo mean?REFERENCES AND FURTHER INFO:Audio Ammunition. Documentary of The Clash. GooglePlay Original, 2013.Brown, Cecil. I Stagolee. 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Parallel Films Production, 2007.…and various other sundries on YouTubeSONG CLIPS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE00:00:00 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, 197900:05:43 Lloyd Price, Stagger Lee, 195800:08:12 Herb Weidoeft and His Band, Stack ‘O Lee Blues, c192400:08:42 Gertrude Ma Rainey, Stack O’Lee Blues, 192600:08:57 Amy Winehouse, live at Arena Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil January 15, 201100:09:11 Cliff Edwards, Stack O Lee Blues, 1928.00:09:28 Furry Lewis, Billy Lyons and Stackolee, 192700:09:40 Mississippi John Hurt, Stack O’ Lee, 192800:10:10 The Clash, Career Opportunities, 197700:10:29 Frank Hutchinson, Stackalee, 192700:10:39 Archibald, Stack-A-Lee, Parts 1 and 2, 194600:11:08 Fats Domino, Stagger Lee, Live at Montreux, 197300:11:32 Dion, Stagger Lee, 196200:11:51 Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Stagger Lee, 199600:12:20 Taj Mahal, Stack O’Lee, 196900:12:49 Keb Mo, from the movie Honey Drippers, 200700:13:02 R.L. Burnside, Stack O Lee and Billy Lyons, (year ?)00:13:32 Sidney Bechet, Old Stack O’Lee Blues, 194600:13:42 Wilson Pickett, Stagger Lee, 196700:14:05 Elvis, rehearsal recording, 197000:14:17 Bob Dylan, Stack A Lee, 199300:14:35 Woody Guthrie, Stackolee Muleskinner Blues, 194400:15:00 James Brown, Stagger Lee, 196700:15:18 The Black Keys, Stag Shot Billy, 200400:15:51 Sol Hop’opi’i, Stack O’ Lee Blues, 193800:16:17 The Rulers, Wrong Emboyo, 196700:19:44 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, instrumental, 197900:21:09 Junior Murvin, Police and Thieves, 197600:22:00 The Clash, White Riot, 197700:23:04 MC5, Kick Out The Jams, 196900:24:05 John Lennon, John Sinclair, 197100:24:57 John Lennon, David Frost Show, 197100:25:50 The Clash, I Fought The Law, 197700:27:05 The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again, 197100:27:53 The Rulers, Copasetic, 196600:29:01 Jimmy Cliff, They Harder They Come, 197200:30:03 The Clash, Paul’s Tune, 197900:31:10 The Clash, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais, 197700:32:50 The Rulers, Don’t Be a Rude Boy, 196600:33:22 Bob Marley and the Wailers, One Love, 197700:33:48 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, 197900:35:17 The Rulers, Wrong Emboyo, 196700:36:00 The Slickers, Johnny Too Bad, 197100:37:12 The Rulers, Be Good, 196600:39:07 Joe Strummer, hostility clip from The Future Is Unwritten, 200700:39:32 The Clash, Rudie Can’t Fail, 197900:39:57 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stagger Lee, 199600:40:15 The Clash, Guns of Brixton, 197900:40: 34 Mississippi John Hurt, Stack O’ Lee, 192800:40:43 The Clash, Guns of Brixton, 197900:40:53 The Clash, Death or Glory, 197900:41:54 Furry Lewis, Billy Lyons and Stackolee, 192700:44:35 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, 197900:47:45 (007) Shanty Town, Desmond Dekker and the Aces, c197200:48:46 Bob Marley and the Wailers, Buffalo Soldier, 198300:49:06 The Rulers, Wrong Emboyo, 196700:51:07 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, 197900:52:04 Bob Marley, Jammin’, 197700:52:19 Scotty, Draw Your Breaks, 197100:53:02 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, instrumental, 197900:55:56 Joe Strummer, on punk, The Future Is Unwritten, 200700:56:17 Joe Strummer, on drugs, The Future Is Unwritten, 200700:56:23 Joe Strummer, on pitfalls, The Future Is Unwritten, 200700:56:54 The Clash, Police and Thieves, 197700:57:47 Joe Strummer, on people, The Clash On Broadway Interview, 198100:59.16 Bob Marley, Punky Reggae Party, 197701:00:31 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, live, Capital Theater, Passaic, NJ, 198001:00:38 The Clash, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, 1979Tracking recorded at BRIC podcast studio, Brooklyn, August 17, 2019