The Napping Wizard Sessions


Tribute: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Season 3, Ep. 2

An incantation, a moan, a breath. This is my digital collection of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s music - a mere fraction of their enormous output over 6+ decades: all 154 tracks from the following recordings play simultaneously spread out at random as one song, 14.5 hours of music packed into 28 minutes. I had been a fan of their music since 1990 and then in 2015, along with 12 others, I spent several weeks with Gen at Pioneer Works deeply getting to know their philosophy, art and music. I haven’t adjusted any of the individual volumes or strategically placed any of these tracks. I only spread them out visually in the audio software, and this is the voice that spoke. Anyone familiar with the plurality of this incredible pandrogyne will know the role chance, intuition and magic played in their practice. I recommend headphones.

The recordings represented include every track from the following (not in this order): 20 Jazz Funk Greats; Allegory and Self; Fred; Heathen Earth: The Live Sound of Throbbing Gristle; Jack The Tab: Techno Acid Beat; Live at Thee Berlin Wall, Part One; Live in Bergenz; Live in Paris; Live in Thee East Village; Live in Toronto; Tale Ov 2 Cities: London and Glasgow Live; Thee City Ov Tokyo; Thee City Ov New York; Throbbing Gristle Greatest Hits.

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