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  • 43. Netflix - "A Family Affair"

    This is a good Bad Movie. It's not trying to be world-changing, it's just fun. But we can't pretend the leads don't each look very different than how we're used to seeing them. But they're both excellent actors and Zac in particular has perfect comic timing. But the shining star of this one is Joey King. The world needs more Joey King! All in all, this is a fun romp.

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  • 39. Hallmark Movie - "Falling Like Snowflakes"

    There are some real treat in this episode - text dings, dogs barking, squeaky toy activity, and occasionally Beth confirms a movie fact with Adam, who nods wordlessly and therefore makes her sound like a crazy person! But it was super fun to get back to Christmas episodes, even if this was the sunniest movie Hallmark ever filmed.Remember to like, download, subscribe, tell your friends, and check us out on Patreon! We'll be back with more tomorrow!
  • 38. In the News - "Rodent Men"

    Are you attracted to Rodent Men? Are they the new Hot? Will Rodent Women be in style soon? (Don't hold your breath) Maybe the world is finally getting sick of Instagram Face and we all just want to see real people. Here's hoping!
  • 37. Hallmark Movie - "Savoring Paris"

    We loved this movie! Yes, we had a LOT of detours, but with a movie this good we just didn't have that many notes. If you haven't seen it yet, make yourself a little plate of cheese (make sure it reaches room temp before eating) and enjoy!
  • 36. Disney Plus movie - "Teen Beach Movie"

    You know how sometimes there are two actors that you consistently get mixed up? For Beth those actors are Treat Williams and Barry Bostwick. So, no, Barry wasn’t on When Calls the Heart and he isn’t dead. Treat Williams was on Chesapeake Shores and, sadly, he is no longer with us. We’re letting you know this right up front so you don’t lose your mind sitting through the whole show screaming, “That was Treat Williams!” at your device.
  • 35. Netflix Movie - "Mother of the Bride"

    Brooke Shields is back on Netflix, in another movie with delicious scenery. And we don't just mean Benjamin Bratt, who is most definitely looking excellent - but Thailand is on dreamy display here. And if you love the environment and cinematography over good writing and acting, this might be exactly the movie for you!
  • 34. Hallmark Movie - Puppies Everything

    We'll tell you right up front - there aren't enough puppies in this movie. And if you're already familiar with Milk Bones, you won't be bowled over by our heroine's invention. Nevertheless, this was a cute movie, if not really that good. Can't wait for Christmas in July!