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Ep. 18 - Rachel Khoo

Ep. 18

Host of such cookery shows as BBC 2's The Little Paris Kitchen, Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix and most recently Rachel Khoo’s Simple Pleasures on The Food Network, Rachel Khoo is guest number 18 on My Time Capsule. She chats to Michael Fenton Stevens about the five things she'd like to put in a time capsule; four she’d like to preserve and one she’d like to bury and never have to think about again .

Rachel's new show, Rachel Khoo’s Simple Pleasures, is currently on The Food Network every Thursday at 9pm. Or you can catch up on Dplay .

An ebook with recipes from the show is available from her website, with all 100% of the proceeds going to the Film and TV Charity UK. .

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