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28.04.2020 Why should I maintain diverse hiring practice and retain apprentices through COVID-19?

Season 1, Ep. 5

Ron Maxwell, CEO of Verto knows all too well how important diverse hiring and retaining apprentices were prior to the pandemic – and shares a timely reminder that it remains crucial for both business and community sustainability. 

Ron has recently released a blog post, Why you should maintain diverse hiring practices through COVID-19 and beyond, detailing the positive impact of these hiring practices for individuals, businesses and communities.

Ron also knows, that when it comes to economic downturn, apprentices are often the first to be let go. 

However, he notes, it is crucial organisations do all that they can to retain as many apprentices as possible. The skill shortage has been an issue facing Australia long before COVID-19, and the rising unemployment rate could have a lasting impact across the skills sector.

For more information about retaining apprentices, read Ron Maxwell’s post, Why retaining apprentices is more important than ever before

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