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10.09.2020 What does it all mean? The VET cheat sheet.

Season 1, Ep. 15

In this week's MyGain with AATIS podcast, Cass Hoult and Ryan De Vincentis explain what it all means and provide you with a VET Cheat Sheet. You can also get a PDF summarised version of the AATIS Cheat Sheet here.

In this episode, we answer:

  • What does VET mean?
  • What’s an RTO?
  • What’s a GTO?
  • What’s an AASN?
  • What’s the difference between and apprenticeship and a traineeship?
  • Can I do an apprenticeship or traineeship without a job? Why not?
  • I want to stay in school, can I still do an apprenticeship and stay at school?
  • I’m not from Australia, can I do an apprenticeship?

AATIS is funded by the Australian Federal Government.


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