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My Career Crisis

Teaching Has Driven Me Crazy

Season 2, Ep. 5

School teachers are under so much pressure to deliver on educational targets and the emotional wellbeing of our children. At 50 years old, english teacher Judy finds herself overwhelmed and unhappy, but what else can she do?

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  • 10. Postbag Edition Season 2

    For the season finale, Sue and Ruth answer the job problems sent in to the postbag. Questions like 'how do you ask for a pay rise?' 'my boss is manipulative' and 'I'm scared of committing'. There's no guest, just a heap of bulls*** free advice.
  • 9. What Other People Think

    You can't underestimate peer pressure from family and friends when you are making choices about your early career. Sue helps 24 yr old pensions administrator Amanda find an alternative narrative around her life to help her feel more confident about the series of choices she has made and worry less about what other people think of her life choices.
  • 8. What the F*** just happened?

    How to manage a business crisis. Sophie returns from Season 1 when newly pregnant she was terrified about telling her business partner she was expecting a baby. They ran a successful business, a bar in south London. A real passion project which they are both utterly committed to. Sophie was dreading exploding everything they'd built up together with her news. A year later she's back and we find out how her partner took the news and meet Baby Golda. Only now trouble has hit the business big time and Sophie's whole livelihood is in jeopardy, Sue shares her thoughts on how to crisis manage the business and Sophie's career.
  • 7. Change Your Attitude, Not Your Job

    It’s a new year and time to look afresh at our working lives. Can we be happier at work? Is it possible to turn the Monday morning blues to Monday morning hi fives? Caroline says she has never been happy in any of her jobs as an accountant and is a loss at what to do. We also hear from Richard Boston, a psychologist who specialises in team performance and leadership. He gives Caroline (and presenter Ruth) some advice about how to be more positive at work, how to fix difficult relationships with your boss and take back control of your day to day happiness.
  • 6. I'm Burnt Out

    There comes a time when you have to say 'enough's enough'. When an employer demands too much that it takes it's toll on your home life it's a good time to reconsider your priorities. 31 year old Fiona loved her job working for a boutique design agency, but when she had her daughter - everything changed. Quitting has been as emotionally hard on her as ending a relationship - Sue has some excellent advice for how to move on.
  • 4. You Can't Have it All

    It's the age old problem - can parents hold down successful careers whilst raising young children? This week solicitor Sandra is struggling to see how she can be the parent she wants to be at home whilst smashing it out of the park at work. Right now she feels like she is failing at both. Can Sue help?
  • 3. The Freelance Crisis

    Becoming a freelancer can be at once the most liberating and terrifying of career moves. Angie is a musician and ad industry creative who was made redundant 18 months ago and now finds herself on the freelance rollercoaster. Uncreative admin work to pay the bills is taking its toll on her self esteem but the big paying jobs are few and far between, then try getting people to actually pay you! Sue has some great advice for the freelancer in all of us, how to manage your expectations, keep on top of your finances and find your target market.
  • 2. 100 Job Applications and Counting

    After applying for 100 corporate jobs, Roz is beginning to think that her lack of success in landing a new role is a sign from above. Should she be rethinking her aspirations? Sue offers advice on everything from nightmare competency interview questions to whether Roz should take a minimum wage job to stay afloat. A top episode.