My Unlived Life

All lives contain the shadows of the lives we nearly lived: moments where we turned left instead of right, where we closed one door and opened another. The paths we choose create the story of who we are, but the unlived life – the wish unfulfilled, the need unmet, the question unanswered – has much to teach us, if we let it. 

Whether we regret our decisions or rejoice in them, we rarely allow ourselves to explore the possibility of what might have been. We don't want to get lost in the past, stranded without a map back to the here and now.

This podcast is the map.

Each episode, host Miriam Robinson interviews an author about a path their life might have taken. They return to the moment their paths diverged and together, step by step, write the story of their unlived lives.

Most interview podcasts explore the story of our lives. 

This podcast explores the story of our unlived lives


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