My Perfect Console with Simon Parkin


Josh Wardle, creator of Wordle.

Ep. 1

My guest today is a software engineer who, in 2021, released a word game that soon became a global obsession. He grew up in a Welsh farming village, attended the Royal Holloway University, then moved to North America to study for a Masters. In 2011, after graduating, he joined the staff of the website Reddit, where he began to design experimental games such as The Button, Place and, in his spare time, a game called Wordle.

Several years later he returned to the Wordle prototype, which he finished and uploaded to his personal website in October 2021. Within a month the game had 90 players. Within two, it had 300,000. A week after that, it was being played by two million people, and had caught the attention of the New York Times, which in January last year, acquired the game for a seven-figure sum.

Josh shares with us the five video games he would like to instal on his very own, fictional games machine, as well as something of his life and career to date.

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