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My Own Worst Enemy: The Podcast

Episode 1: A Band From Orange County

Season 1, Ep. 1

Episode 1 recounts the early history of Lit and the song that officially launched their career, beginning with the day that Ajay wrote the lines “It’s no surprise me I am my worst enemy / ‘Cause every now and then I kick the living shit out of me” after filling up at an LA gas station, to performing “My Own Worst Enemy” at the Troubadour, getting signed and finally going into the studio.

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  • 4. Episode 4: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

    Following the success of Enemy and its ascension into pop culture permanence, there was seemingly no pressure on Lit to do more. However, the band continued along the artist's path. After the disappointing performance of Atomic, Lit relocated to Nashville and went through a period of transformation that included a number of standout records including the self-titled Lit, A View From The Bottom and These are The Days. Their journey led them eventually to the present day and a new publishing and recording contract with Round Hill Music, which has produced some of the most exciting music of their career, recapturing the energy that made Lit one of the defining bands in the SoCal pop punk movement.
  • 3. Episode 3: A Place In The Sun

    More than 2 decades following its release, “My Own Worst Enemy” is played more today than it was in 1999. But why? What makes this song endure? In this episode, we breakdown the anatomy of the song that would not die to see what makes it tick. We also examine the impact of the video game Rock Band, karaoke bars, cover versions and cover bands in cementing “Enemy”’s place in pop culture.
  • 2. Episode 2: Everyone Gets Lit

    The release of “My Own Worst Enemy” in early ‘99 was like a match in a dry forest. Once the song hit the airwaves on KROQ in LA, it exploded all across the nation. What followed for Lit was a chaotic blur of touring and promotion, as they went from moderate regional success to national fame in the blink of an eye. Their meteoric rise was short lived, however, and the cultural shifts which occurred after 9/11 and the release of their follow up album Atomic sent the band in search of a new direction.
  • My Own Worst Enemy, The Podcast

    If you've lived on Planet Earth at any point over the last 21 years, you've most certainly heard My Own Worst Enemy. For the last two decades, the song has been inescapable. You’ve heard it on the radio, in the supermarket, at restaurants, weddings, and most definitely, karaoke bars. It's the song that everybody can sing along to, sometimes even if they don't know the name of the band. But how and why did My Own Worst Enemy become permanently woven into our pop culture consciousness? Over four episodes, we explore the impact that this iconic track has had on music and pop culture and the enduring legacy of the band Lit. Conversations with the band and musical peers like Butch Walker, Adrian Young of No Doubt, and Noodles from the Offspring, as well as label executives, radio hosts, professional songwriters and musicologists tell the story behind the seminal song that has been in constant rotation since its release in 1999. Produced for Round Hill Music by Osiris Media.My Own Worst Enemy, the podcast, was produced for Round Hill Music By Osiris Media. For Round Hill, Joe Calitri is President of Round Hill Records, Lucy Bartozzi is the Senior Director of Marketing and Imani Givertz is the Digital Content Manager. For Lit the executive producer is Dave Rose, President, Deep South Management. The members of Lit are Ajay Popoff, Jeremy Popoff, Kevin Baldes, Taylor Carroll and Allen Shellenberger in memoriam. For Osiris Media, the executive producers are Brad Stratton and Kirsten Cluthe. All interviews were conducted by Brad Stratton and the script was written by Jim Allen. My Own Worst Enemy was edited, mixed and narrated by Brad Stratton. To follow Lit and receive news and updates about their upcoming album and live appearances, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram @litbandofficial or on their website www.litband.comEpisodes One and Two will be released on November 23. Please subscribe, rate and review!