My Contraception

Pills can be forgotten, condoms can break, some women want to conceive in the near future - some never again so for lots of different reasons for lots of different people there are lots of different contraceptive options.

But do we know enough about these options and do we talk confidently enough about what we need?

With this 5 part series, created by everymum supported by Bayer we aim to empower women with information about their bodies, their contraception and their reproductive health.

We have met with 4 sensational GP’s to better understand our bodies, our reproductive health and the range of contraceptive options available in Ireland - plus specific episodes all about the right options if you’ve just had a baby or if you know your family is complete.

The opinions shared in this podcast are those of the individual healthcare professional and are intended as general information only and not intended to replace a consultation with a healthcare professional, nor is it intended to provide specific medical advice. So Always speak to your doctor or nurse for personal advice about you and your needs.

This series is supported by Bayer.

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