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TikTok Marketing Tactics with Flighthouse CEO Jacob Pace

Season 1, Ep. 35

In this episode, we sit down with FlightHouse CEO Jacob Pace. With original content series Flighthouse has amassed a following of 20 million followers on the growing platform TikTok. TikTok is currently the #1 app in the app store and their growth is not slowing down. In turn, the company has begun working with major labels to run campaigns for artists. Jacob has worked with artists including Austin Brown, Ariana Grande and more. 

In this episode we discuss…

  • What evidence Jacob points to that shows TikTok is not something artist teams can afford to overlook 
  • How you can grow a following and promote your music on TikTok
  • For songs that grow popular on TikTok, what are the ways to capitalize on it and/or keep momentum on it 
  • What kind of content does well on the platform and what factors play into content hitting the “For You” page, (TikTok’s version of explore) 
  • How to get your music on the platform 
  • Is it necessary to pay to gain traction on the platform, and when considering working with influencers how to find the right ones to work with 
  • How he sees the platform further revolutionizing short-form content 

As always never hesitate to leave a review or reach out to @musicbusinesspodcast Instagram with any feedback or ideas. Check out Jacob on his socials @imjacbopace. Thank you for listening! 

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