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Producing J. Cole’s Dreamville and Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festivals with Claire Bogle, Co-Founder of ScoreMore

Season 1, Ep. 61

Today on the Music Business Podcast, we invite ScoreMore Co-Founder Claire Bogle. Alongside Co-Founder Sascha Stone Guttfreund, ScoreMore quickly became a premiere promotion and booking agency, securing acts including J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Wiz Khalifa for their first shows in Texas. In tandem with the success of these artists, ScoreMore would level up to put on their own music festival JMBLYA, along with J. Cole's Dreamville Music Festival, and Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD festival.

With us, Claire discusses how she got started in live show production and what goes into creating these unique experiences for artists and their loyal fan bases. We also dive into the implications of COVID on the live event space, including the shift into virtual experiences such as the recent Travis Scott x Fortnite concert. 

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