Music Business Podcast


Redefining Steaming & Global Communications Strategies with Deezer Global Director of Communication, Anton Gourman

Season 1, Ep. 89

For artists and managers, a quality rollout for a record or album is sometimes just as important as the content itself. In an age where we’re constantly being fed new information, marketing a new release has become a lengthy and incredibly strategic process. 

With touring and concerts on hiatus, it’s important for artists to properly sell their upcoming releases and maximize their outreach. But what goes into a great rollout? How can artists leverage their relationships with their fans to get as many eyes and ears on their content when it drops? Answering these questions for us this week on the Music Business Podcast is former SVP of Strategy at Downtown Records and music marketing strategist, Amber Horsburgh. 

Amber has worked with artists such as Mura Masa, Smimo, and SOFI TUKKER, and collaborated with big-name brands like YouTube and Spotify. Her expertise lies in branding and marketing campaigns, as she currently pens her own music marketing and strategy newsletter, Deep Cuts, runs her own online course for music professionals, and is freelancing as a music strategist. 

Amber gave us actionable strategies for planning and executing effective content rollouts, while also highlighting the importance of proper budgeting and creating solid artist-fan relationships. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of Amber’s key insights that we think all artists and music professionals should know. Let’s dive in. 

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