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Host Chat #2: Taking Off on Social Media with Sam Hysell, Co-Founder of NOX

Season 1, Ep. 32

In this episode co-host Sam Hysell dives into social media strategies artists can tap into. Sam is a co-founder and managing partner of NOX Media, a digital marketing company that helps artists take their careers to the next level by quickly growing fanbases online. 

Prior to launching a music marketing agency, Sam has been helping grow different companies in and out of the music industry for the past 5 years. 

Most recently, prior to co-founding NOX, Sam was a Brand Strategist at VaynerTalent, a company owned by Gary Vaynerchuk, a true social media OG. VaynerTalent replicated the same approach Gary Vee used to grow his personal brand into the millions of engaged followers online. 

While there Sam helped the South African House music sensation Black Coffee develop from an underground DJ to a massive commercial success selling out major venues around the world, and entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu go from under 100k followers to 2 million. 

Today NOX works with different record labels, management companies, artists, brands and entrepreneurs to help them build their fanbase online, and drive results around key initiatives like driving streams or selling tickets to upcoming shows.

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