Music Business Podcast


Going Triple Platinum & Building a Dominant Mgmt & Marketing Team with Cinematic Music Group’s Hovain Hylton & Chris Herche

Season 1, Ep. 60

Today on the Music Business Podcast, we invite President of Management at Cinematic Music Group Hovain Hylton and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Herche. Hovain and Chris have decades of experience between the two, and join Sam and Jordan to discuss their careers, how they joined Cinematic, their relationship with Founder Jonny Shipes, breaking Flipp Dinero’s “Leave Me Alone”, which peaked at #1 on Urban Radio and #20 on the Billboard 200, and Luh Kel’s first single ever becoming a platinum record. 

For aspiring and current industry professionals, Hovain discusses his style of management and what makes a great manager, while Herche dives into what makes a great marketing campaign and his favorite type of stories to market. They additionally offer advice on how you can think outside the box during the pandemic for yourself or your artists, how to handle yourself as a professional in the industry, and more. 

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