Music Business Podcast


Dominating TikTok for Musicians with Creed Media co-founder Timothy Collins

Season 1, Ep. 63

Today on the Music Business Podcast, we invite Creed Media co-founder Timothy Collins. Creed Media is a full-service creative digital media Entertainment agency that prides itself on being innovative and early adopters to attention based strategies and platforms. With that said over the past year they’ve become dominant players in executing Tiktok influencer marketing campaigns for record labels and artists. Their services include direction, campaign management, content strategy, content creation, media distribution, social media channel optimization, and social media management.

In this episode Tim lays down the groundwork as to how you can go about running your own successful TikTok marketing campaigns. Outside of utilizing the influencers of the platform we also speak to why and how artists should build up their own social profiles. 

If you are interested in working with Creed on a campaign head over to and check out Tim on instagram

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