Music Business Podcast


Cultivating Foresight and Awareness as an Artist Manager with Ramya Velury

Season 1, Ep. 25

In this episode we sit down Ramya Velury artist manager at EQT. Ramya is an NYU graduate who studied the interdisciplinary relationship between fashion and music and how it affects global mass consumption. Today Ramya manages personalities across different verticals including Goldlink, artist and model Tommy Genesis, producer & DJ Amrit, and photographer RavieB. 

In this episode we discuss... 

  • The type of commitment made when signing up to become a manager for an artist
  • What are some of the hard conversations she’s had to have with artists and how to deal with them
  • How she came to become one of EQT’s first employees and what she attributes to the company’s growth since 
  • Why she thinks people who work in music should be required to take a music theory class
  • When and if setting boundaries with an artist is necessary

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