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Building a Tech Company in the Music Industry and Fostering Collaboration with Vampr Co-Founders, Josh Simons and Baz Palmer

Season 1, Ep. 82

Launched in 2016, Vampr is a location-based social and professional mobile platform that facilitates music discovery, networking, and communication between musicians, music industry professionals, and music fans. Founded by Australia’s The Music Network’s 30 Under 30 Power Player, Josh Simons, and multi-award-winning songwriter/guitarist and tech entrepreneur, Baz Palmer, the award-winning app is home to over 600,000 users and is active in every country. Vampr has helped fledgling musicians broker over five and a half million connections worldwide. 

Earlier this year Vampr launched Vampr Publishing, they now represent thousands of songs for sync opportunities. The company has been recognized in 10 awards from various industry leaders including being named in Apple’s Best of Year and winning the SF MusicTech Summit. The company has raised 2 million dollars over three funding rounds, including investments from advisory board members Matt Adell (former Beatport CEO) and Nick Feldman (founding member of the band Wang Chung, and later a Warner Music exec).

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