Murder in the Granite City

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    The death of brilliant scientist Dr Brenda Page remained a mystery for more than 40 years - becoming one of Britain's longest running unsolved murders.The young and talented 32-year-old was bludgeoned to death in her flat in Aberdeen - the Scottish city famous for its granite buildings and oil industry.On July 13, 1978, Brenda - originally from Ipswich, England - left her laboratory at the University of Aberdeen where she headed up the genetics department, and joined two rich businessmen for dinner at a plush hotel in the city.The following day, worried colleagues went to check on her after she failed to turn up for work - and made the grim discovery of her blood-soaked body.Brenda had been beaten to death in a violent and frenzied attack with a blunt instrument.When details on her private life emerged, rumours spread about the identity of her killer.In this seven-part series, award-winning journalist Ruth Warrander explores three theories as to who could have killed Brenda, before she reveals the shocking truth. New episodes every Friday - follow the podcast to never miss an episode.

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  • 2. Episode Two: The Police Investigation

    Brenda moved to Aberdeen when she secured a job in the genetics department at the university in 1973. In this episode, we explore why she was working as an escort, the impact of the oil boom in Aberdeen and what the police uncovered in their investigation.
  • 3. Episode Three: Jekyll and Hyde

    "If ever I'm found dead and it looks like suicide, don't believe it..."Those were Dr Brenda Page's words to her close friend Jessie Milne. It seems that all was not well in Brenda's marriage right from the very beginning. Her sister and two of her closest friends open up to journalist Ruth Warrander about Brenda's relationship with her husband, Dr Christopher Harrisson. What they tell her is shocking. Follow the podcast wherever you listen to never miss an episode.
  • 4. Episode Four: The Dating Game

    The people of Aberdeen were shocked to find out Dr Brenda Page, an outstanding geneticist, was also working as an escort, wining and dining businessmen. Rumours circulated in the city that Brenda's killer may have been one of her 'clients'. Newspapers portrayed her as a 'call girl'. So why was Brenda doing this extra work? Her friends and family open up to journalist Ruth Warrander about the other side of her life. And we hear from someone we never expected to hear from - the man who owned the escort agency Brenda worked for - and find out there's conflicting information about her escort work. Who's telling the truth? The photofit of a suspect released by police reminds Ruth of a serial killer from the 70s. It's all in this episode of Murder in the Granite City.
  • 5. Episode Five: Black Gold

    Did Brenda Page's groundbreaking work as a geneticist put her life in danger? She was investigating diver safety in the North Sea at a time when there was a rush to get oil ashore as quickly as possible. People investigating diver safety in the Norwegian oil industry had died in mysterious circumstances. A former colleague of Brenda's reveals his relationship with her was more than professional and he had to identify her body.
  • 6. Episode Six: DNA and the Missing Link

    Journalist Ruth Warrander visits Dr Brenda Page's ex-husband and discovers a shocking detail from his past. She reveals the identity of the suspect seen in posters all over Aberdeen after Brenda's murder and hears alarming news about the original police investigation. Forensic scientists uncover how advances in DNA have led to cold cases being solved.
  • 7. Episode Seven: The Trial

    In the final episode, journalist Ruth Warrander comes face to face with Dr Brenda Page's killer at the trial. She reveals the true extent of the abuse Brenda suffered and we find out how advances in DNA technology were crucial in bringing the case to court. This episode is available from 14 July 2023 - the 45th anniversary of Brenda's murder.