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Lison Mage - "Act before you overthink"

Season 1, Ep. 2

Overthinkers Beware!

Have you ever fallen into the rabbit hole? Thinking and thinking, stuck into analysis paralysis?

Lison Mage is a quick thinker and she believes that there are many paths to success but only in action as inaction always leads to stagnation.

Lison started in STEMM, as an engineer, worked for corporate giants like Salesforce then decided to turn her career around and carve her own path. Nowadays Lison delivers corporate workshops all across Australia to help people becoming more effective leaders by making their decision process more effective. She Immersed herself into the mind of overthinkers, chronic perfectionists and wrote a book about how to overcome this unhelpful common habit, "Act before your overthink".

Hear from Lison on what it takes to leave your corporate life behind and carve your very own path!

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  • 7. Dr. Dharmica Mistry on the founder journey in Medtech

    Deep Tech aspiring founders, this one is for you!Some people fall into their PhD, following the next logical step after their Honours or Masters.Some people fall into it because they are not sure what job to go after yet.Not Dharmica Mistry, she wanted to go into nutrition but didn't get in the course so instead of ruminating she picked subjects which were close to what it would have looked like in the nutrition degree and fell in love with microbiology in the process. After graduating she was not keen on a PhD either because she felt she could not see the impact of such work in a near future.But her first job at a biotech changed her mind when she did a discovery which had such a great potential to change the odds of aggressive breast cancer in women under 50 with a simple blood test.With this mission in mind, she co-founded BCAL diagnostics, a diagnostic company looking to detect breast cancer early with a blood test.If you have heard of the valley of death, you would know that deep tech has many of these because proving the science and making it robust is a really challenging task. It can't "just" work, it has to work in a clinical setting, which means at scale and speed for a diagnostic lab to work with it. It needs a great amount of fundings and so her PhD was a great way to get to validate the science and make this further fundable. Dharmica takes us through the journey of a deep tech founders and the crucial steps that make you or brake your start-up.Happy listening!You can learn more about Dharmica and her current role as a Director Diagnostics Industry Engagement at MTP connect and about BCAL diagnostics. If you like the show share it with your community! Or leave me a review.I would love to hear from you, just leave me a message on LinkedIn or on my website Follow Multiple hats
  • 6. Dr. Sue Pillans on founding "Picture your ideas"

    If you had many jobs in your field but somehow can't land on a single definition of yourself, you're not alone.You probably belong to the people who could thrive with a "portfolio career", that is a career which is not limited to one job or one stream of income but rather made of multiple pieces of yourself and all the hats that you can wear.That's definitely what Sue Pillans realised when after 10 years of employment, something did not feel quite right but then she went back to her roots and was able to combine the multiple pieces of her character puzzle into just the perfect career path - one she designed herself, one that could mirror of her strengths and values.That's how she decided to be a graphic recorder, running her own business, and has now worked with over 60 organisation across Asia Pacific to capture very important messages about the marine ecosystem and how she created Dr. Suzie Starfish, a book writer and illustrator of children book educating young audience and their parents about climate change and marine pollution. I love her motto - "Make the complex simple and the simple compelling" ! Tune in for life changing events and courageous acts.  You call follow Sue and find out more about her work here:www.drsuepillans.com
  • 5. Oriane Junker : Founding Spotz

    Welcome to multiple hats. A show about STEMM professionals who have gone off script and carved their own path beyond the tracks that were set for them. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine. How they found their why and what it takes to make it happen. Did you ever consider that mothers represent 30% of the global population? And yet there isn't many specific services to support them. That's what Oriane Junker could not believe and so Oriane pivoted from medical advisor in the pharmaceutical industry to create Spotz, a social business aiming to empower mothers to earn on their own terms through an mum to mum marketplace and a wholistic community where mothers can support each other's.Oriane take us through how she always had many business ideas and drafted many business plans but never had a strong motivation to execute any of them until she found her why when she experienced a strong discrimination at work after returning from maternity leave. We get to hear so many practical aspects of her founding journey, from business plan, feasibility, growing the customer base to 28,000 members and 170,000 visitors 2 years in and finally pitching for capital.  Lear more about Oriane and Spotz, visit, if you like the show, please leave a review.You can visit my website -  
  • 4. Viv Allen: Founding Vivacity Health

    Have you ever felt like something was so natural to you, that you could do it better than what's done around you?That's how Viv Allen felt about marketing around lifesaving drugs.Viv began her career as a hospital pharmacist and her time roaming the wards seeing doctors using too complex of a language with patients inspired her to make patient information more accessible and easy to understand.But Young Viv did not imagine that her first steps in marketing would lead her to founding multiple businesses and sell one to a giant in the industry! This episode is her journey of founding Vivacity Health, an award winning health and medical communication agency.We get to learn about the dynamics of co-founding, how you can make your business sustainable from day one and how quality and integrity coupled with a strong network can help you grow your company without a single cold call to customers! I absolutely loved interviewing Viv Allen and learning about Vivacity Health, how it started and how it is now part of a 500 fortune company, IQVIA ANZ. With a keen eye for opportunities, she quickly identified better ways to provide simple compelling medical information and gained experience in marketing, which combined with her pharmacist background set a fertile ground for Vivacity Health. Viv leadership is one I admire! She knows how to bring people along and work with integrity, in business and life! Listen to the full story about:how it all started, how she had to pivot and evolve, including the digital revolution in the field ow she managed to grow the business without a single cold call!Her leadership style for success How to juggle it all and why leadership matters to make it happenAnd the story of being acquired by a giant in the industry and still lead the businessLear more about Viv and Vivacity Health, visit, if you like the show, please leave a review.You can visit my website -   
  • 3. Melina Georgousakis: Founding the Franklin Women

     Social entreprise, Business with purpose! What do you do when your sector does not have any powerful supporting community? well, you start you own! #Be the change you want to be!Melina Georgousakis founded the Franklin Women, a social enterprise aiming to break the silos in the health and medical sector as well address the terrible brain drain, that sees women in STEMM leaving the sector within 5 years. Following the standard academic pathway, Melina experienced first hands a male dominated workplace, highly hierarchical, which ultimately saw many women stagnate, then leave the sector to pursue more sustainable careers. This is her story of brewing this big ideal and dream about a health medical sector where women can thrive and how she started a social enterprise, which now supports so thousands of women in the health and medical sector in Australia, with a myriad of events and workshops  and an award winning mentoring program.She takes us through her transition from academic research in vaccines to corporate in health policies and how she found a glaring hole when it comes to career development and support community for women in the health medical sector- and how she decided that she could fix this! Hear it from Melina on what it took to bring the Franklin Women to life and grow it to the vibrant community it is now - all while having a family and a corporate job!  Lear more about Melina and the Franklin Women , visit, if you like the show, please leave a review.You can visit my website -  
  • 1. Heather Catchpole on Founding Refraction Media

    Dream Big, Think Big. Have you ever been told that you should start small? Well, Heather Catchpole and her co-founder Karen Taylor Brown, went past that advice and were rather "Unapologetically ambitious" to quote Shellye Archambeau, former IBM CEO would say in her leadership book.They had this big vision for Refraction Media to be delivering globally and so they went on and founded Refraction Media, a super popular Australian science media company. It is now distributing 2M magazines globally, with 75,000 digital users per month and they are working with over 200 clients including giants like Google. Heather shares how her and her co-founder Karen brainstormed that idea in a pub, as one does, and used their decade long experience in media to pulled off a successful profitable business, and achieve global distribution within 2 years!Hear it from Heather CatchpoleLearn more at, if you like the show, please leave a review.You can visit my website - 
  • Multiple Hats

    STEMM entrepreneurs wannabe, listen up!Have you ever thought that there was something more that you could bring?Is it an idea or perhaps a change you want to see happen? For the last few months, I've bebusen meeting with some pretty amazing people who have done just that. If you want some inspiration, a little nudge or gold nuggets of wisdom from people who have taken the leap and created their own vison and their own business, Listen to multiple hats. A show about STEMM professionals who have gone off script and carved their own path beyond the tracks that were set for them. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine. How they found they why and what it takes to make it happens!Launching on March, 21st (2023)Hey, if you like the show, please leave a review.You can visit my website -