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  • 5. Ben & Mai

    Ben & Mai join us to discuss raising a child in a trilingual household, the challenges it presents and how YouTube has become a part in documenting the process.
  • 4. Maayan & Gerolamo

    For Episode 04 Maayan & Gero talk about what it's like to communicate in a non-exclusive multilingual relationship.
  • 3. Rhys & Valeria

    This week Rhys & Valeria will be chatting about miscommunications, hybrid English & linguistic schizophrenia.
  • 2. Gareth & Fabian

    For the second episode of MultiLingual Love we spoke to Gareth and Fabian who despite their age, cultural and linguistic differences have a lot of common ground.Special thanks to Fin London for letting us use their studio for recording this weeks episode.
  • 1. Adrien & Taiana

    For episode one we spoke to Adrien & Tai who are originally from France and Brazil. They spoke about how they met in London and proceeded to learn how to communicate together in English, the difficulties of migrating to a new country and the importance of humour in understanding one another.
  • Season One Trailer

    Hello and welcome to Multilingual Love, a podcast about multilingual couples hosted by Flo De Schlichting. Over the course of six episodes. we'll be talking to couples with different language constellations to find out how the languages they speak shape their relationship. We'll hear how everything from culture and gender through to identity and humour are influenced by the languages we know, and sometimes more so by the ones that we don't.