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Much Ado About the AQ

Episode 1 - What is the AQ Anyway?

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this opening episode, we introduce you to the very basics of the AQ, why we research it and who the major players are in the AQ world.

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  • 6. Episode 6 - De Vere Part 3: An Ed-itorial decision

    The Much Ado About the AQ team is back with more Oxfordian facts and speculation. We mention a few of our fantastic contacts from the last week, then continue to delve into the inexplicably huge number of links between De Vere and the works of Shakespeare.Thanks this week to nautcosmo for the intro and Nesrality for the new theme tune.Email us at muchadoabouttehaq@gmail.comTwitter:Joe (the "short, bald one"): @GodofchickenChristian: @aq_anon76486
  • 5. Episode 5 - Earl of Oxford Part 2

    We're back! Following computer troubles, we return with episode 4.5, as we continue to count down evidence in favour of Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford. We also implore people to be a bit nicer, and invite applications to join us for a piece of audio drama!Thanks this week to Stu for the intro and Nesrality for the new theme tune.Email us at muchadoabouttehaq@gmail.comTwitter:Joe (the "short, bald one"): @GodofchickenChristian: @aq_anon76486
  • 4. Episode 4 - Edward de Sheer audacity of these people!

    We're back, post-summer, with some more EXPLOSIVE content!And by explosive, I mean we're going through a bunch of facts about Edward de Vere, and why he's Shakespeare. This is part 1 of what will essentially be a three-parter.If you want to find us on Twitter, I, Joe, the shorter, balder one, am @godofchicken (I'm the one who doesn't want to argue on Twitter), and Christian is @aq_anon76486 (he does like to argue on Twitter).Many thanks to 'Dragons After Dark' for today's intro read.Get in touch with us on Twitter or via
  • 3. Episode 3 - Is this a true crime podcast?

    In the continued adventures of Dr. Christian Taylor and Not-a-doctor-yet Joe Payne, we explore the local lad and candidate for the Shakespeare authorship, Christopher Marlowe, with a keen focus on his death.We also recommend Peter Hodges' 'Hidden in Plain Sight' podcast for an even more heavy focus on what happened to Marlowe.With thanks to Pascal for the intro music!
  • 2. Episode 2 - Doublet Entendre

    Here in episode 2, we dive into the famous picture of Shakespeare - but is it Shakspere?With thanks today to Oliver Latham for the intro, and Harry Gove for the new intro music!