cover art for Episode 2 - John Kearns & Lou Sanders

Mr Gameshow with Mike Wozniak & Diane Morgan

Episode 2 - John Kearns & Lou Sanders

John Kearns and Lou Sanders join Mike and Diane for some terrible quizzes, shambolic games all building to an epically low-key end.

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  • Episode 6 - Sam Simmons & Cariad Lloyd

    Sam Simmons and Cariad Lloyd join Mike and Diane to witness the host's not unexpected breakdown and attempt to solve 'Which house Diane had broken into' for the series finale.
  • Episode 5 - Lucy Porter & Dane Baptiste

    Lucy Porter and Dane Baptiste join Mike and Diane on the stage for what can only be described as the greatest game of 'What's in the box' ever played.
  • Episode 4 - Brett Goldstein & Phil Wang

    Brett Goldstein and Phil Wang join Mike and Diane for a litany of gameshow errors and play for a rather unimpressive nights stay at a hotel in Milton Keynes.
  • Episode 3 - Isy Suttie & Justin Edwards

    Isy Suttie and Justin Edwards join Mike and Diane for more under-produced and over jingled games, quizzes and audience shouting.
  • Episode 1 - John Robins & Elis James

    John Robins and Elis James join Mike and Diane for an incredible quiz on Wales, a special Diane round and a rather rushed panic round.