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How is AI Transforming the Automotive Industry?

Artificial intelligence is at the core of the transformation of the automotive 

industry. 10 years ago, there was no real AI in cars. Today, most new cars are packed with software, a lot of which is AI related. Deep learning and reinforcement learning are key technologies for new advanced functions in vehicles, such as autonomous driving. Patrick Perez, director of discusses his team’s research and the AI automotive applications they develop to make mobility safer.


Patrick Perez, Director of

Romain Bruniaux, Valeo Industrial Vice President

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  • The Transformation of the Automotive Aftermarket

    More and more electric vehicles are on the roads every day, with even more high-tech equipment and electronics.The traditional aftermarket sector of the automotive industry must also adapt. Marlène Carrias-Iked, VP Strategic Marketing & Digital at Valeo Service, discusses how VS is preparing mechanics today for the transformation of the automotive industry, and how it’s contributing to a more sustainable aftermarket.
  • Making the Circular Economy Reality in Mobility

    It is critical that the circular economy becomes a reality in the mobility sector to ensure better preservation of our planet’s resources.Valeo Director of Circular Economy Mino Yamamoto discusses Valeo’s commitment to this key initiative and the expansion of Valeo’s portfolio of remanufactured products to save raw materials and reduce consumption of natural resources.
  • The Lighting Revolution in Automotive

    Automotive lighting today does so much more than help you see while driving at night. Lighting and visibility systems are a powerful tool to make mobility safer, smarter and more attractive. Pierre-Emmanuel Strohl, Research & Innovation Director at Valeo Visibility Systems tells us more about the latest trends and technologies in automotive lighting, what’s driving the transformation, and all the cool light features and functions coming to your car.
  • 4. Why efficient electric mobility needs innovative thermal systems

    As electric mobility accelerates, automotive thermal systems are also evolving. Efficient electric mobility requires innovative adapted thermal systems to ensure safe battery cooling, battery lifetime and performance, passenger comfort without compromising range, and fast charging. Pascale Herman, Research & Innovation Director at Valeo Thermal Systems, dives into the details of the latest developments in thermal systems, an often-overlooked key component to electric mobility.
  • The biggest transformation in the history of the automotive industry: what's at stake?

    The automotive industry is currently undergoing the biggest transformation in its history since the invention of the automobile. Mobility is shifting rapidly to more and more electric-powered vehicles. Valeo CEO Christophe Périllat shares his insights into how this historic transformation is an important opportunity for the automotive industry to fight global warming.
  • 2. Why do you need software in your car?

    Software has become a key component to modern mobility with the surge of the development of electric, autonomous and connected cars. Until recently, car architecture has mostly been hardware-based, but it’s now becoming software-based, making your car essentially a computer on wheels. This trend of software in vehicles is set to only keep growing in the coming years. Valeo CTO Geoffrey Bouquot delves into the increasing importance of software in the automotive industry, how it's transforming mobility, and the opportunities it creates in the automotive industry.
  • 1. How will LiDAR revolutionize autonomous mobility?

    Not long ago, autonomous driving vehicles were considered science fiction. Today, autonomous cars are a reality, and fully autonomous mobility is on its way in the automotive industry and elsewhere. The essential key to autonomous driving vehicles is an innovative sensor called LiDAR. Valeo is the world leader in developing and manufacturing this cutting-edge sensor, equipping 99% of vehicles that use LiDAR. Valeo LiDAR Technical Director Clément Nouvel explains how this innovative technology works, how it’s accelerating the development of autonomous driving for safer, smarter mobility, and what to expect in the coming years.GUESTSClément Nouvel, Valeo LiDAR Technical Director