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  • 11. Mastering Leadership and Fame: Insights from Ozgur Ertem on Authenticity and Trust

    In this insightful episode of “Become Famous,” host Torund Bryhn welcomes leadership expert Ozgur Ertem, who shares his wisdom on mastering leadership through authenticity and trust. Drawing on his tech industry experience and his book "Control Alt Delete: Resetting Leadership," Ozgur stresses the importance of being genuine and building trust as key elements for new managers. He emphasizes the value of a situational leadership approach and the need to observe and understand organizational challenges in 30 days despite the pressure to deliver quick results.Ozgur and Torund explore the gap between theoretical leadership concepts and practical applications, particularly in tech, and debunk the myth of born leaders by highlighting qualities such as self-awareness and empathy. The discussion also covers the importance of soft skills for managerial promotions and assessing potential leaders through interviews.Looking ahead, Ozgur reveals plans for another book and online courses focusing on leadership and AI. This episode offers aspiring leaders practical advice on fostering authentic leadership styles and building strong, trust-based relationships in their careers.Key Moments:00:10 Book inspired by tech industry experiences.06:10 Authenticity, diversity, creativity, balance: keys to leadership.10:33 Authenticity and trust are key for new leaders.12:54 Adapt leadership style to fit each situation.17:32 Bridging gap between leadership theory and practice.21:17 Be adaptable and prepared and avoid surprises.24:58 Selecting managers for potential, not past performance.27:28 Assess hard and soft skills during interviews.31:54 Aiming for thought leadership, enhancing credibility.About the guest : Ozgur Ertem is the author of the bestseller book, "CTRL+ALT+LEAD: Resetting the Leadership." With a robust engineering background and a PhD in Organizational Leadership, he has spent the past two decades collaborating with technology teams worldwide. Ozgur is also a very well-known keynote speaker and lecturer at various universities. Outside of his professional endeavors, he has a deep passion for the automotive world, particularly in modifying and driving classic cars, which reflects his love for creativity, innovation, and reimagining possibilities. Hailing from the vibrant city of Istanbul, and enriched by experiences in dynamic Dubai and the artistic Amsterdam, Ozgur brings a truly global perspective to his work.How to connect Ozgur: LinkedIn: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:

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  • 10. Strategies for Realistic Goals: Coaching Insights with Neal Conlon

    In this episode, host Torund Bryhn sits down with the multifaceted Neal Conlon, a venture capitalist, branding expert, coach, and author. Together, they dive deep into the importance of setting realistic financial goals, understanding the "math problem" in personal aspirations, and harnessing the power of coaching for personal transformation. Neal shares his unique perspective on balancing momentum-driven ambitions with steadfast beliefs—drawing from his rich cultural heritage and diverse professional background. They explore the transactional nature of relationships, the significance of external witnesses in transformation, and the evolving definition of communities in the digital age. Whether you're rethinking your career path or seeking clarity in your personal goals, this episode offers invaluable insights into progress, mindset shifts, and the journey of self-discovery. Key Moments: 00:10 Excited for opportunity, shared space, immigrant heritage.04:01 Irish family, humorous family portrait.10:36 Choosing who to be, privilege, warriors.17:04 Financial progression and personal evolution despite setbacks.20:23 Adapting to change, evolving, and self-awareness.24:33 Kindle trend faded, books came back. Adapt or be left behind in tech.26:15 Fast food industry's impact on labor summarized.33:06 Finding a community can be like shopping.36:49 Importance of energetic contracts in human relationships.40:28 Rediscovering childlike wonder through a coach's guidance.42:29 Coaching requires vulnerability, clarity, and support.47:08 Friend wants to make $250,000, works 20 hours.53:45 Business and life strategist emphasizes coaching success.About the guest : Neal Conlon is an unapologetic optimist who helps executives, sales leaders, marketers, and founders achieve their goals and grow their businesses. He has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership roles, working with early-stage, well-funded, and publicly traded companies across various industries. Neal's mission is to enhance, empower, and create spaces for growth and change for leaders. With deep roots in technology, software, hardware, and services based businesses. He also serves as a board member and a fractional chief revenue officer to several startups, providing strategic guidance and support. Neal is a veteran, a father, an optimist, and a master connector who values trust, awareness, and digital, cultural, and physical transformation. Neal is also an endurance athlete and adventurer.How to connect Neal : LinkedIn: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 9. Finding Your Unique Voice: Matt Walker’s Journey from Climber to Coach

    In this episode Torund Bryhn chats with mountain guide and psychologist Matt Walker. They discuss Matt's belief that rock climbing and mountaineering are accessible to anyone who can climb a ladder, underscoring that internal barriers, such as denial and fear of one's own voice, are the real challenges.Matt shares his journey from a high school climbing enthusiast to a career in the climbing industry by his early twenties. He recounts significant expeditions, like the challenging Moose's Tooth in Alaska, which have profoundly influenced his personal and professional growth. Matt emphasizes the power of nature and group experiences for healing, advocating for somatic healing and experiential exercises to help men confront fears and align with their true selves."Finding Your Unique Voice" reveals the parallels between climbing mountains and navigating life's challenges, emphasizing growth, uncertainty, and living without regret.Key Moments: 05:17 Modern ease leads to discomfort, intolerance and complacency.10:01 Accepting reality, learning from challenging experiences.13:02 Total commitment to openness facilitates achieving goals.16:44 Physical and mental challenge reveals inner strength.20:15 Intimidating isolation and 14 days in a tent.21:33 Fear and lethargy after weeks in a tent.27:45 Denial and fear suppress addressing life challenges.29:57 Society's expectations on men and permission.32:21 Suppressing desires leads to negative behaviors and consequences.37:20 Men's group exercised revealing desires, surprising unity.39:23 White man's burden: privilege and caretaker duty.43:18 Healing and empowerment through connection and mentoring.47:30 Consider goals, time, group size, and research.50:18 Supporting men's health and wellness, creating impactful experiences.About the guest : Matt Walker is a renowned leadership coach and international mountain guide dedicated to helping high-achieving individuals reconnect with their purpose through transformative adventures. With over 25 years of guiding expeditions on every continent, Matt combines his expertise in psychology with his passion for the outdoors to create life-changing experiences.Author of "Adventure in Everything," Matt has been featured in Climbing and National Geographic Adventure and has consulted for Boeing and REI. His bespoke adventures challenge clients to step out of their comfort zones, fostering deep introspection, resilience, and clarity.Matt Walker Adventures offers a reset through accountability and coaching, guiding clients to a flow state and reconnecting them with their vitality and purpose. Ready for your next adventure? Reach out to Matt Walker for a journey that transforms leaders personally and professionally.How to connect Matt: Blog: speaker:
  • 8. Marketing the Moon: Lessons from NASA's Apollo Program with David Meerman Scott

    In this episode, host Torund Bryhn engages with marketing guru David Meerman Scott to uncover the brilliant marketing strategies behind NASA's Apollo moon missions.Discover how the Apollo program's extraordinary quest was marketed to the public, and delve into NASA's challenges, including addressing conspiracy theories and managing public sentiment during the Vietnam War. The discussion reveals the essential role of public relations in humanizing astronauts and maintaining public trust.David also shares his extensive experience with HubSpot, highlighting successful content creation and social media strategies. The episode further explores valuable lessons from David's book, "Marketing the Moon," and how they apply to modern marketing.Join us for a captivating conversation that blends historical insights with valuable marketing lessons, celebrating the enduring legacy of the moon landing. Tune in to this enriching episode of "Become Famous"!Key Moments: 05:00 Astronauts joke about the moon landing in an interview.08:03 Apollo program marketing depicted moon landing as a quest.12:40 Using new tools, video, real time tools.14:08 A tough task due to limited consensus.18:09 Airplane focus masking the Apollo project and Vietnam War.20:43 NASA's secrecy led to tragic mishaps.23:05 Challenges transmitting live video from Apollo missions.29:08 Astronauts visited contractors, and emphasized their contributions.32:21 Employees' content creation reflects positively on the company.35:04 Encourage public sharing to reach a large audience.37:48 Apollo moon program: a classic example of marketing.About the guest : David Meerman Scott, a resident of the Boston area, took a bold leap when planning a family trip to Stowe, Vermont to witness a total eclipse. Despite long-term weather forecasts predicting only a 20% chance of clear skies in Vermont compared to more favorable odds in Texas, Scott chose to avoid the hassle of air travel with his extended family. He booked their hotel rooms a year in advance and was rewarded with crystal-clear skies on the day of the eclipse, while many parts of Texas experienced rain. Scott's gamble paid off, allowing his family to enjoy a perfect view of this rare celestial event.Links to connect David: Twitter: @dmscottInstgram:  @dmscottLinkedIn: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 7. Tackling Child Abuse and Promoting Online Safety with Catherine Ann Wilson

    This episode features a notable guest, Catherine Ann Wilson, the founder of Stop Trafficking US and a distinguished advocate for child sexual abuse prevention. Host Torund Bryhn engages in a compelling discussion with Catherine, exploring her incredible transformation from a survivor of abuse to a leading voice in safeguarding vulnerable children.Catherine shares her multifaceted approach to addressing sexual abuse, underscoring the significance of education, confidence, and open dialogue in protecting children. Listeners will learn about her impactful initiatives, from organizing major events for faith leaders and community figures to conducting online conferences for social workers and law enforcement personnel. Her proactive outreach strategies and collaborations with experts highlight her dedication to bringing about tangible change.Throughout the conversation, host Torund Bryhn praises Catherine's resilience and contributions, emphasizing her role as a role model and survivor. Together, they address the complexities of child exploitation and the importance of comprehensive prevention strategies.Key Moments: 08:03 Find hope in small actions to build change.11:49 Optimistic outlook: The internet poses new dangers.19:47 Peer pressure and online vulnerability discussed.26:38 Importance of discussing consent with children.31:54 Doctors questioned the program's efficacy, but results revealed issues.37:23 Oprah's realization about Ace reshaped her.41:24 Expert in sales turned advocate against abuse.46:20 Homeland Security requests private vicarious trauma training.52:40 Healing and thriving are possible, inspiring hope.59:07 Hoping to be remembered for kindness and hope.01:03:04 Seeking hope through self-exploration and self-improvement.About the Guest : Catherine Ann Wilson is the founder of Stop Trafficking US, a non-profit dedicated to stopping the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. She serves our community as a facilitator, hiring expert trainers to match the training needed for various community segments, including schools, first responders, faith community, parents and youth, and more. All programming is free of charge for every participant. As a survivor of sex trafficking and sexual abuse herself, Catherine didn’t share her own healing journey until after she met some young teenage girls in jail while volunteering. But at nearly 50 years old, she witnessed firsthand just how her story could evoke the most powerful healing tool she had ever known — HOPE. Through that experience, she believed she could help others from decades of suffering like she had endured.This work is a labor of love. Everyone deserves to understand what's happening and how to help themselves, their families, and our Maine community. How to connect with Catherine: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 6. Unlocking Data-Driven Personalization with Zontee Hou: Insights for Marketers

    🎙️ Welcome back to another exciting episode of "Become Famous." In this episode, host Torund Bryhn is joined by special guest Zontee Hou, a renowned author and marketing expert who has recently released a groundbreaking book on data-driven personalization.Listeners are in for a treat as Zontee shares her expertise on harnessing data to create seamless and relevant customer experiences. She emphasizes the importance of marketers sitting at the data table and explores the nuances between metrics-driven and data and insights-driven. She illustrates the power of personalized data in anticipating customer needs through real-world examples from successful companies like FreshDirect, Nike, and Sephora.The discussion also explores how small businesses can effectively utilize data-driven strategies. Zontee underscores the significance of ethical data collection, balancing personalization with privacy, and the transformative potential of AI in marketing.This episode is packed with valuable insights for business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of data-driven customer experience. So, gear up for this episode and discover the future of personalized marketing!Key Moments : 04:18 Differentiating metrics-driven from data-driven marketing for relevance.09:34 Book addresses GDPR, ethical considerations for data use.11:16 Nike uses data to personalize customer experience.16:37 Create targeted resources, reach the right customers effectively.19:08 Focus on audience, ROI, and customer value.21:19 Integrated approach benefits sales with better leads.24:26 AI enables quick customer analysis, driving satisfaction.34:12 Test messaging with 3 personas for refinement.35:03 Human expertise is important, with balance in privacy. About the Zontee Hou : Zontee Hou is the author of the new book, Data-Driven Personalization: How to Use Consumer Insights to Generate Customer Loyalty. She's also the managing director of the consultancy, Convince & Convert, and founder of Media Volery—a boutique digital marketing agency. Zontee is a sought-after business speaker and one of TopRank's top B2B marketers and top content marketers. She has also taught at Columbia University and the City College of New York.Links to connect Zontee: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book:
  • 5. Strategies for Consistent and High-Quality Social Media Content with Stefan Martiz

    In Episode 5 of "Become Famous," host Torund Bryhn sits down with data junkie and personal branding expert Stefan Martiz to discuss the intricacies of creating consistent and high-quality social media content. Stefan shares insights into timing social media posts for maximum engagement, the balance between quality and quantity, and the critical importance of creating meaningful content.Drawing parallels between personal branding and musicianship, Stefan underscores the need for long-term commitment and strategic planning in building a personal brand. He candidly discusses his experiences with viral posts and how a basic post about branding unexpectedly garnered over a million impressions, leading to significant opportunities and client inquiries.The conversation gets into the evolving marketing landscape, particularly in Europe, and the essential roles of authenticity and personal connection in modern branding. Stefan and Torund explore the challenges and rewards of engaging employees as brand ambassadors, incentivizing original content creation, and the potential pitfalls of AI-generated content.Tune in to discover effective strategies for elevating your social media presence and personal brand with Stefan Martiz's expert guidance.Key Moments: 00:10 Building personal brand key for marketing professionals.05:15 Self-promotion is crucial in competitive fields for success.10:08 Embrace performing the transition to creating original content.12:52 Overcoming fear to embrace new opportunities.16:15 Quality over quantity, add value to content.20:31 Sharing valuable content leads to more opportunities.22:10 Personal brand, communication, content marketing, crisis management.25:33 Hiring a writer can boost professional success.31:20 Leverage top management for community branding distribution.34:39 Leverage employee personal brand without conflict.38:27 Incentivizing employee brand advocacy for effective marketing.39:57 Creating authentic content, gaining control, and impact.42:59 Shift to people-focused sales, limitation in retargeting.About the guest : Stefan Martiz's journey turned pivotal when he realized that a life steeped in court cases was not for him. Prompted by a career adviser's suggestion, he delved into the world of marketing and immediately fell in love with its psychological aspects. Fascinated by why people become obsessed with brands and why they choose to buy certain products, Stefan dedicated himself to mastering this field. He has since become a firm advocate of the "brand first, content second" philosophy, believing that creating a famous brand naturally attracts a loyal community of customers. Stefan's passion and expertise have defined his career in marketing, making him a specialist in brand psychology and community building.How to connect Stefan: to connect Torund : Facebook: to buy her book: