Kornél Mundruczó (Pieces of a Woman)

Season 1, Ep. 73

In Pieces of a Woman, Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó and writer Kata Wéber explore their own tragedy, in the hopes that it will make it easier for other couples to heal. The film stars Vanessa Kirby as a woman who suffers a terrible loss, and includes a 24-minute birth scene astonishing in both its empathy and virtuosity.

Mundruczó's explanation of whose point of view we're seeing adds another layer of emotion to a powerful, beautiful film.

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The 2021 Nicholl Fellows: Haley Hope Bartels, Karin delaPeña Collison, Byron Hamel, R. J. Daniel Hanna and Laura Kosann

Season 1, Ep. 125
The Nicholl Fellowship is one of the most important and prestigious screenwriting competitions. There are countless articles online about how to win — but we thought it would be best to just ask the 2021 Nicholl Fellows about their achievement. Here are their names and some details about their winning scripts:Haley Hope Bartels (Los Angeles),Pumping Black:After a desperate cyclist takes up a team doctor’s dangerous offer, he seems on course to winthe Tour de France. But as the race progresses and jealous teammates, suspicious authorities, and his own paranoia close in, he must take increasingly dark measures to protect both hissecrets and his lead.Karin delaPeña Collison (West Hollywood),Coming of Age:In 1965 Britain, Charlotte, a sheltered, studious schoolgirl, lands on a British Farce tour hermother stage manages, where private tutoring by company members replaces her formalschooling, with surprising success, and she experiences a Lolita-like flirtation in the morallywobbly era of Free Love, which leads both her and her mother to "come of age."Byron Hamel (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada):Shade of the Grapefruit Tree:When a severely abused white boy befriends his sci-fi obsessed Black landlady, his fantasy ofbecoming a robot empowers him to recklessly confront his murderous stepdad.R. J. Daniel Hanna (Los Angeles),Shelter Animal:A fiery, female prison trustee working at the county animal shelter finds purpose rehabilitatingan abused pit bull, but her attempts to rally employees and the broader community for shelterreform puts her own freedom at risk.Laura Kosann (New York City),The Ideal Woman:Set in American suburbia during the Cuban Missile Crisis: A 1960’s ex-actress and housewifefinds her house-of-cards world begin to tumble as she continues to be pitted against twoidentities.Here's some information on how to enter the competition this year.