Mountain Conversations

  • 20. In conversation with Kitsquad

    Charlie chats with Fran Pearson from Kitsquad about their work supplying kit to those experiencing financial barriers to the outdoors.To find out more, donate or if you are in need of outdoor gear, visit:
  • 19. Nature Connection with Raynor Winn

    Join Charlie for the final episode of 2022 as she chats with author, Raynor Winn! Live from the Kendal Mountain Festival, they discuss the importance of connecting with nature and how we are so deeply linked to the natural world.
  • 18. The Lake District Landscape with Lee Schofield

    Charlie chats with author and site manager of RSPB Wild Haweswater, Lee Schofield at the Kendal Mountain Festival, about the importance of a sense of community in rural areas and building relationships to benefit the local landscape and wildlife.
  • 17. Inclusive Adventure with Sophie Pavelle

    Join Charlie live from the Kendal Mountain Festival as she chats with author, Sophie Pavelle about inclusive adventure and the importance of connection with the outdoors in any capacity!
  • 16. "Spiralling into Control" with Richard Breeden from Trash Free Trails

    Charlie sits down with Richard Breeden, programme manager at Trash Free Trails, at the Kendal Mountain Festival. Listen to Richard's journey back into nature and how that led to his involvement with the movement to protect our trails and the wild places they take us! To find out more about Trash Free Trails and how you can get involved, head to:
  • 15. "A Community of Words" - Kendal Mountain Book Festival

    Join Charlie live from the Kendal Mountain Festival as she chats with the Kendal Mountain Book Festival director, Paul Scully. They discuss the history of the festival and the importance of embracing adventure in every day life!To find out more about the festival, head to
  • 14. Through a Vet's Eyes with Dr Sean Wensley

    In this episode, Dr Sean Wensley joins Charlie to discuss his new book, 'Through a Vet's Eyes', which explores how we should treat animals to ensure the five freedoms of animal welfare are met and those species which are so familiar to us are treated with the dignity, respect and love that all animals deserve.To purchase the book and learn more, head to:
  • 5. Stop Ocean Poison with Dr Francesca Bevan

    In this episode, Charlie chats with Dr Francesca Bevan, chemical pollution specialist at the Marine Conservation Society. They discuss PFAS chemicals and the harm they are causing across global waters and what needs to be done to stop it. The Marine Conservation Society have launched their new campaing, #StopOceanPoison, and are asking you to take action now. You can find more information and a petition to sign asking the government to put an end to non-essential use of PFAS chemicals here:
  • 2. A Frozen Picture with Doug Allan, Ocean Ambassador

    Charlie chats with wildlife cameraman and ocean ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society, Doug Allan, about his fascinating career journey and how he has witness first hand, the effects of human activity on the polar regions.For more information about the work of the Marine Conservation Society, go to Marine Conservation Society | Home (