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IT'S TIME TO GET OVER IT! - Powerful Motivational Speech for Success - Les Brown Motivation

Season 1, Ep. 733

It's time to leave your comfort zone! Les Brown delivers a powerful motivational speech on getting over it and leaving your comfort zone for the last time.


Les Brown


Borrtex - I Will Never Give Up


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    Be relentless.Special thanks to our partners:Jeremiah Jones: Sports YouTube channel: Marcus: Tyson Jones HollisYouTube: Wilder GogginsFacebook: PainYouTube: Coach Pain: A. TaylorYouTube: Link: Willink:YouTube: thanks to Aubrey Marcus: Eric Thomas Bryant by Rok Nardin - Helheim Titans
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    THROUGH TOUGH TIMES! If you give up now then they'll be right about you. If it's really important to you, you DON'T QUIT, you keep going no matter how hard it gets. Special thanks to our partners:Tom Bilyeu: Lewis Howes: Jürgen Höller: Grover: Website: GogginsFacebook: PainYouTube: Coach Pain: "The Wolf" DaSilvaYouTube: TaylorYouTube: Jessica HoustonYouTube: FriYouTube: Greene Schwarzenegger Slow Motion - A Lifetime Apart, Story of a Lifetime, Mission ExplorerBuy their music:Amazon : Elhart Studios - Before Time, Stellar