Morphosis unfolding Growth


Morphosis unfolding growth in MAGIC with Caroline Ravn

Season 1, Ep. 4

Unfolding growth in MAGIC with Caroline Ravn, a magician who after five years of studying theology left the pulpit to enter the magician stage in Las Vegas.

We live in an era where our familiar ways of achieving prosperity have become insufficient. An era in which the definition of growth has been taken hostage by the market - an authority and prevailing point of reference in our postmodern society. A definition of growth synonymous with unbridled expansion at someone else's expense, as if our resources were limitless and whose aggressive terminology - occupying geographical areas, gaining market share, beating competition, winning customers, bring to mind the battlefields of war. An idea of growth insensitive to the symbiotic, infinite play of all living and deaf to the values being destroyed in its progress. Does it have to be this way, we ask ourselves. Or is it possible to unfold and reframe our linear idea of growth? Triggered by this thought, we embark on an explorative quest. Through visits in widely different contexts, all with their unique meaning of growth, patterns and relationships are formed, weaving a richer fabric. An emergent narrative of growth, endlessly useful to us humans.

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