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097: Time Management with Samatha Lane

Ep. 97

Samantha Lane is a time management guru, with past work in public relations, higher education, and wellness. In 2014, she experienced a life-changing surgery that shifted her perspective on life. After years of juggling full-time careers and passion-based side-hustles, Samantha started Origami Day to help others bring balance to their busy lives. Samantha holds a BS degree in Public Relations from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from King University. When she is not helping others make the most of their time, Samantha spends her days enjoying life with her loved ones.

On this episode:

-How Samantha measures success and the motivation behind creating Origami Day. 

-The struggles she faced when she started her business and how she overcame them.

-Why she created a simplified planner and prefers them to other planners.  

Tweetable Quotes:

“You have to want to run your business.  If you don’t have a passion for it, don’t even go down that road.”

“How you spend each day is how you spend your life. You have to decide if your life is worth more than your paycheck”

“Our time is finite, a box on a planner is only so big, which is much more connected to the reality of our days.”

“Burnout and work like balance isn’t a personal problem it’s a company problem and a cultural problem.”

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