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173: Be Selfish So You Can Be Selfless

On this solo episode, Amber discusses selfless acts and what it takes to be in a position to be able to be selfless.  

Tweetable Quotes:

  • "Becoming selfish with your time, allows you make decisions that are in your best interest, and then puts you in a position to be that friend who can clear their calendar for something you feel is important." -Amber Fuhriman

  • "Spend your resources on things that are in alignment with who you are." -Amber Fuhriman

  • "Money is an exchange of energy. It will come and it will go." -Amber Fuhriman

  • "You won't be able to be selfless until you realize your value." -Amber Fuhriman

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186: Ascending to Max Potential with Sean Malone

Today's Guest: Sean MaloneSean is a serial entrepreneur. He has owned five different businesses. His strengths come from nearly two decades of studying communication, business, and professional sales, as well as tireless hard work. After years of testing, tweaking, and successfully growing a few businesses on his own (his biggest business success was taking his electronics company from $250,000 to just over $8,000,000 in revenue), Sean has helped guide 4 additional organizations into the 8-figures. All the battle-field tested methods that he uses are part of the core of the Sales Ascenders Selling Systems & their proprietary Ascension Selling Method. With his unique ‘get-it-done’ mentality and a massively supportive team he stays relentlessly focused on solving the revenue problem for business owners so they can experience the growth and success they deserve. Always Revenue. Always Relevant.On this episode:Amber is joined by sales coach and entrepreneur Sean Malone for a conversation on finding your calling, early failures, and channeling your will. Tweetable Quotes"Put importance on the result your client wants instead of the result you want." -Amber Fuhriman"Look for problems. Look for problems and solve them. You have to start there." -Sean Malone"You design your life. You build your blueprint. People just need to realize they have that power." -Amber Fuhriman "We are able to turn switches on and off in our mind. We're all capable of that. So, if you want something... commit to it fully, for 18 months. No excuses. Then ask if it brings your fulfillment." -Sean MaloneSean Malone: with other incredible people looking to break out of the corporate mindset by joining the More Than Corporate Facebook group: