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168: Changing Direction with Travis Robinson

Travis Robinson is a Career Coach, helping people who feel lost in life and unhappy in their job to find direction and create a fulfilling career. He studied and worked as a Mechanical Engineer but knew he wanted to take his career in a new direction. Travis had to overcome a lot of challenges that most people end up facing when they want to go against the grain and make a pivot in their career. Even today, he is always learning about careers and keeping his eyes open to the next step in his life.

On this episode:

Amber is joined by coach and podcaster Travis Robinson for a conversation about building relationships, finding your path, and doing what you want to do versus doing what you were always expected to do. 

Tweetable Quotes

"People seem able to say they're unhappy rather easily, but are often stumped when you ask them why." -Amber Fuhriman

"Success is being able to look back without saying 'I wish I would have' at any point." -Travis Robinson

"I don't believe you find success but rather you intentionally create it." -Amber Fuhriman

Travis Robinson:

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