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129: The Importance of Just Showing Up with Tom Gaddis

Tom always wanted to be self-employed and free from the butt-smooching of the corporate world. He wanted success bad enough that he struck out to follow the entrepreneur dream.  Starting from zero, Tom embarked on building a local marketing consulting business. And promptly fell on his face!  But he persevered and learned from his mistakes. After achieving success with his local marketing, Tom leveraged his experience and knowledge to start teaching others online.  Now through this website and his new What's the Secret Podcast he's going to be sharing with you exactly how he did it.

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Amber and Tom discuss the rough road of an entrepreneur, the importance of showing up, and how growth in business should always be on your mind.

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"You'll learn how to keep persevering even when nothing seems to be working." - Tom Gaddis

"I believe 90% of success is simply showing up... because so many people decide not to." - Tom Gaddis

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