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098: The Power of Your SPARK with Rachel O'Rourke

Ep. 98

Rachel O’Rourke is a Personal Growth Expert, an International Keynote Motivational Speaker, and the Founder/CEO of SPARK Personal Growth Experiences. Best known for the SPARK Live Summit, this Pacific Northwest Conference draws in hundreds of women each year to Portland, Oregon for two days of transformation. Through her talks, events, social content, masterminds, and online self-development school, Rachel has helped hundreds of women find purpose, wealth in all areas, and to create a life that they wake up excited about every day. Additionally, she is the co-host of The Flawed Females Podcast, a hilariously refreshing show that has ranked in the top 15% of self-development podcasts in the US and has sparked a vulnerable visibility movement in women worldwide.

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On this episode:

Rachel talks about her upbringing with a single mom, her corporate career, marriage, and the moment that lead her toward finding what truly defines happiness 

Tweetable Quotes:

 "I remember I wanted to be wealthy because I grew up so poor. I got married. I had a six figure job, my husband had a six figure job... and I was sitting there wondering why I was still so unhappy."

"I wanted to build a community. I kept saying someday. Someday I'll do this. I eventually said screw it. We're going to do it right now. It's hard to believe three years ago this was just an idea."

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