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074: Becoming Financially Literate with Justin Ehrhardt

Ep. 74

Justin Ehrhardt, aka The Bearded Financial Pro™ has been an entrepreneur in the financial services industry as well as an Air Force Veteran and previous firefighter. He was originally recruited into the financial industry by an expansion director in the state of Georgia. Justin Ehrhardt started his financial practice in Duluth, GA after becoming inspired by his own personal experience as a client. His passion for education and the empowerment of families who had been neglected, overlooked or misrepresented by the financial industry fueled his passion. His passion for helping clients with their retirement and financial needs now spans across numerous states including California, Utah, Arizona, Illinois, Montana, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia.

With continuing his passion for helping others, Justin has published "Go F Yourself: Five Fundamentals to a Better Life" to help teach people the Emotional and Social skills needed to go from being a homeless veteran statistic to being successfully retired by 31. He teaches in middle schools, high schools, and adults how to develop their skillsets to become better in their Faith (Spiritual and Mindset), Fitness, Finances, Family and more Fun in their life!

In short, Justin stopped allowing himself to fail in life and now wants to help many more people do better and to become, "A better version of themselves."

On This Episode:

  • Justin shares about his upbringing and the realizations he had while in Air Force training.
  • Discover the importance of financial literacy.
  • Learn what your Reticular Activating System is and how to program it.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • The more dumb we are when it comes down to money, the more the government can control us when it comes down to money.
  • I've never met a rich person with a negative mindset.
  • If you start changing your mind... your life will change.

Justin Ehrhardt:

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