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070: Creating a Career That Fulfills You With Danny Koordi

Ep. 70

About the Guest:

Hello, my name is Danny and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses strengthen their brands by sharing their stories through podcasts. Everyone has a message to sell, a story to tell, or accomplishments to show. Yet, not everyone has the time or the knowledge to do this effectively, I can help show you how.

I started podcasting in May 2017 as a way to help Singapore's budding scene develop and flourish. Through my journey I have founded an online community for local independent producers, been featured in the local news, been asked to moderate and be on panels on the subject of podcasting, and was also a judge for the inaugural Asia Podcast Awards 2019.

However, it was only in May 2019 that I discovered my true purpose. I was seated in a small room, hunched over at attention. It was an event called Screwed Up Moments organized by the Singaporean Social Enterprise Happiness Initiative. One by one, 3 speakers came up to the front, and opened up about the worst moments in their lives. It was heart-wrenching, moving, and completely absorbing. The entire audience was hanging on their every word, and suddenly this thought came to me:

"Why isn't this on a podcast?"

After that event, I put together a proposal, went through a bunch of meetings, set a plan and a timeline, started production work, and by Oct 2019 the Screwed Up Moments Podcast was launched, a space where these incredible stories could be found and accessed by anyone online instead of just the people in the live audience.

I discovered my purpose then, to help others share their stories through podcasts.

On This Episode:

  • Learn the differences between various cultural education systems.
  • Discover the importance of trusting the process.

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