Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions


S12E03 The Emergency call of Debbie Stevens PLUS Paul Bernardo, Craig Munro, Regina Arthurell & Ryan Waller

Season 12, Ep. 4

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*WARNING* This is a very emotional episode where we focus on a compelling emergency call.

This is a call where every decision made can be the difference between life and death.

At 4:38 am on August 24, 2019, 47-year-old Debbie Stevens had headed out in her SUV to deliver papers, finding her usual route blocked by rising waters, she tried a different way and found herself bogged in another flooded area. She rings 911, begging for help, Donna Reneau answers the call. 

What happens next is shocking in the extreme...


 - Two serial killers win a legal battle to keep their privacy during parole hearings in Canada.

 - Regina Kaye Arthurell has lost a plea not to wear a tracking anklet as part of her parole conditions.

 - And we look at the fallout from the interrogation of Ryan Waller, the profile we brought you last episode