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003: Alexandra B. Kontos - Going From Law To Health Insurance, Reinvention, Divorce & Mindset Shift

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this episode I interview a woman I strongly admire - Alexandra B. Kontos. She went from being a lawyer owning her own multi-million dollar firm to working in business development - all of that while coaching women attorneys - and is now thriving in the health insurance industry.

Alex is an open book and goes in DETAIL when it comes to her career path, her ups, her downs (she hit rock bottom and talks about how she got back up), her divorce, her kids and more. I am very grateful she agreed to do this interview and I am excited for you to hear all of the gems she dropped. Grab your pen and notebook...there are plenty of helpful tips you will want to write down.

Connect with Alexandra on Instagram (she always posts very useful information), by email or you can always text her at 305-720-8216 to get more information on affordable health insurance in Florida

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