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Tom Perrotta, TRACY FLICK CAN'T WIN: A Novel

Season 14, Ep. 68

Zibby is joined by New York Times bestselling novelist Tom Perrotta to talk about his latest novel, Tracy Flick Can't Win, which is something of a sequel to his 1998 hit, Election. Tom explains how this story took shape first as a novel about the character Vito Falcone, then as a response to the way the world has changed since we first met Tracy Flick (who was made famous by the Reese Witherspoon in the Oscar-nominated adaption of the book), and then finally as an ensemble novel to showcase Tom's maturity both as a writer and as a person. The two also discuss their thoughts on middle age, the longevity of writers' careers compared to those in other fields, and why they believe everyone has a fascinating story to share.

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