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Season 16, Ep. 16

Zibby interviews comedian, award-winning screenwriter, and debut author Monica Heisey about Really Good, Actually, a hilarious, big-hearted, and astutely observed novel about a young divorcee’s search for joy (and it's this week's GMA Buzz Pick and just became an international bestseller!). Monica describes her protagonist Maggie, whose experiences are based on her own. She also talks about her exciting career in comedy, her life in London, her experiences screenwriting on the Schitt’s Creek team, and even what her next novel is about.

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  • 17. Celebrity guest!! Paul Scheer, JOYFUL RECOLLECTIONS OF TRAUMA

    Award-winning actor and comedian Paul Scheer joins Zibby to discuss JOYFUL RECOLLECTIONS OF TRAUMA, a vulnerable and hilarious memoir-in-essays about coming to terms with his childhood trauma and embracing his authentic self. Paul reflects on his experiences growing up with an abusive stepfather and how it shaped his need to hold onto positive memories through keepsakes. He also describes his late-in-life ADHD diagnosis and shares his best advice for aspiring writers. Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 16. Instant USA Today Bestseller! Steven Rowley, THE GUNCLE ABROAD

    New York Times bestselling author Steven Rowley returns to the podcast, this time to discuss his much-anticipated sequel, the wildly witty and tenderhearted THE GUNCLE ABROAD. Patrick O’Hara, a reclusive former sitcom actor who unexpectedly becomes the guardian of his niece and nephew after their mother’s death in THE GUNCLE, is now, five years later, returning to his guncle duties by taking them to their dad’s wedding in Italy. Steven talks about his writing process, from tackling loss and grief to injecting humor into his stories. He also shares his approach to writing authentic, immersive travel experiences and his best advice for aspiring writers. Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 15. Return guest! Jamie Figueroa, MOTHER ISLAND: A Daughter Claims Puerto Rico

    Critically acclaimed author (and repeat podcast guest!) Jamie Figueroa joins Zibby to discuss MOTHER ISLAND, a poignant, lushly written memoir about a Puerto Rican woman’s relationship with home, lineage, and selfhood. Jamie reflects on her career as a massage therapist and its profound influence on her storytelling. She also shares what it was like to connect with her Puerto Rican community, examine her mother’s life and their relationship, and put a very complex family history on paper.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 14. Finalist for The Women's Prize for Fiction, Claire Kilroy, SOLDIER SAILOR

    Zibby speaks with Irish author Claire Kilroy about SOLDIER SAILOR, an urgent, gut-wrenching novel about new motherhood that explores the clash of fierce love for a new life with a seismic change in identity. Claire describes the relationship between her characters: Soldier, the new mom, and Sailor, her young child. She dives into the challenges of motherhood and the emotions that range from love to resentment. She also delves into her own writing journey, the long gaps between her novels, and her best advice for aspiring writers.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 13. NYT bestselling author! Francine Prose, 1974: A Personal History

    Zibby is joined by critically acclaimed, bestselling author Francine Prose to discuss 1974, a remarkable, artistic coming-of-age memoir about the close relationship she developed with activist Anthony Russo, one of the men who leaked the Pentagon Papers—and the year our country changed. Francine shares how difficult it was to write about her younger self—although she has always hidden behind her fictional characters. She also shares anecdotes from her life in San Francisco in 1974 and explains how she wove historical and personal threads together. Finally, she hints at her next novel, which is set in 1857 England.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 12. A Zibby Summer Reads pick! Paige Toon, SEVEN SUMMERS

    Bestselling author Paige Toon chats with Zibby about SEVEN SUMMERS, a beautiful, heart-wrenching story about second chances, grief, and everlasting love. Paige shares the inspiration behind the novel (it involves sand art and a Taylor Swift song) and then delves into the story of Liv, a woman living in a beachside town, and Finn, a singer-songwriter who returns each summer. She also talks about Liv's challenges, including caring for her brother with Down Syndrome. Finally, she describes her journey from magazines to novels and her excitement about bringing her stories to a North American audience!Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 11. Academy Award-winning screenwriter! Graham Moore, THE WEALTH OF SHADOWS

    Zibby is joined by Academy Award-winning screenwriter and bestselling author Graham Moore to discuss THE WEALTH OF SHADOWS, a thrilling, mind-expanding historical novel about an ordinary man—a tax attorney from Minnesota—who joins a secret mission to undermine the Nazi economy during WWII. Graham explains how he discovered this true story and delves into his extensive, fascinating research process, which included unearthing a hidden 700-page document from the US Treasury and meeting Ansel’s children. The interview also touches on the importance of accurate historical representation and making esoteric topics engaging for readers.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 10. Celebrate the American experiment with Charles Kenney, AMERICAN SYCAMORE

    Zibby speaks to author Charles Kenny about AMERICAN SYCAMORE, a gripping, profoundly moving novel about the turbulence in today's American life and the invincible power of love between a husband, a wife, and their friend, even in the face of unthinkable tragedy. Charles shares stories from growing up in a big Irish Catholic family in Boston with a father who loved to read. He also describes the profound influence of his late son on his work—and reflects on the therapeutic power of writing in processing personal tragedy and creating deeply human characters in his novel. Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 9. From Zibby's Asheville Retreat! Kristy Woodson Harvey, A HAPPIER LIFE

    In this special episode (a live recording at Zibby’s Asheville Retreat!), Zibby interviews New York Times bestselling author and southern sensation Kristy Woodson Harvey about A HAPPIER LIFE, a beautiful, big-hearted novel about a young woman who returns to her grandparent’s long-abandoned home in Beaufort, North Carolina, to clean it out... and uncovers her family's secrets. Kristy talks about the amazing way homes preserve stories, the value of connecting people (via dinner parties!), and the autobiographical elements in the novel—like Salt, the dog! She also reveals the novel’s alternative titles and reads from her unique prologue.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!