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Judy Goldman, CHILD: A Memoir

Season 13, Ep. 76

Zibby is joined by award-winning author Judy Goldman to talk about her latest memoir, Child, which she didn't feel ready to write until her eighties. Judy shares how she processed and portrayed the sensitive nature of her personal history growing up in the segregated Jim Crow South, as well as why she felt called to write this memoir in the first place. The two discuss the benefits of launching a writing career later in life, what Judy hopes readers don't take away from this story, and the significance of her upcoming project.

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    Zibby Books author alert!!!! Emma Grey joins Zibby to discuss THE LAST LOVE NOTE, a gorgeous, charming, heartrending novel that is also a Book of the Month pick!! After the sudden loss of her husband in 2016, Emma found solace in writing. The novel, set in Australia, intertwines romance and humor with the complexities of navigating life after the death of a loved one. Emma emphasizes the importance of balancing grief with your everyday responsibilities, drawing from her experience of managing her grief while raising her young children. The two also discuss the significance of community support in times of loss, the therapeutic nature of humor in storytelling, and the evolution of her writing career. Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 19. Cara Natterson, MD & Vanessa Kroll Bennett, THIS IS SO AWKWARD: Modern Puberty Explained

    Zibby interviews Cara Natterson, MD, and Vanessa Kroll Bennett, authors of THIS IS SO AWKWARD: MODERN PUBERTY EXPLAINED. They discuss their motivation for writing the book, aiming to empower parents, teachers, and other adults in guiding kids through puberty. The book covers more than typical puberty topics, delving into sports, eating behaviors, and mental health. Zibby praises the book's comprehensive approach and its usefulness in her own parenting. Both authors emphasize the importance of open, judgment-free conversations with kids about puberty and its challenges. The interview concludes with their advice for co-authoring a book and the unique challenges and rewards it presents.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!