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Andrew Ridker, HOPE

Season 18, Ep. 54

Zibby interviews author Andrew Ridker about Hope, a hilarious, heartfelt, and impeccably written novel about a year of crisis for a seemingly perfect, affluent Jewish family of four. Andrew talks about his book's relatable family dynamics and humor; the inspiration behind the story; the college poetry class that started his writing career; and the topic of his next novel. He also shares his best advice for aspiring writers (it involves having a little bit of delusional faith in yourself!). 

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  • 77. Emmy-nominated journalist Poppy Harlow and Saturday TODAY's Laura Jarrett, THE COLOR OF LOVE

    Former CNN news anchor and Emmy-nominated journalist Poppy Harlow and Saturday TODAY’s Laura Jarrett join Zibby to discuss the warmhearted children’s book they co-authored, THE COLOR OF LOVE. Poppy and Laura describe the deep friendship and collaboration that went into this project, which they embarked on as a meaningful way to address the themes of love, inclusion, and race with their young children, particularly after George Floyd’s murder. They share personal anecdotes about their own children, and then Poppy discusses her recent departure from CNN after 20 years with the network.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 76. Zibby's Book Club Pick!! Genevieve Kingston, DID I EVER TELL YOU?: A Memoir

    Zibby’s Book Club Pick alert! Playwright, actor, teacher, and debut author Genevieve Kingston joins Zibby to discuss DID I EVER TELL YOU?, a wrenching and heartfelt memoir about the gifts her late mother left behind in anticipation of birthdays and other milestones. Genevieve describes what it was like to lose her mother at 11—and to continue to connect with her through a chest of gifts and letters. Then, she reflects on the themes of memory, grief, and love; her writing process; and the impact of her mother's legacy on her life. Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 75. Debut Novel! Rowan Beaird, THE DIVORCÉES

    Zibby welcomes debut author Rowan Beaird to discuss THE DIVORCÉES, a delicious page-turner set at a “divorce ranch” in glamorous, dizzying 1950s Reno, where Lois Saunders becomes obsessed with a fellow guest named Greer. Rowan delves into the intriguing historical backdrop of this novel, touching on the phenomenon of divorce ranches and the limited options available to women seeking separation in the 1950s. Then, she reflects on her writing journey, her experiences with grief after two miscarriages, and the book she is working on now. Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 74. NYT Bestseller!! Charles Duhigg, SUPERCOMMUNICATORS: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection

    Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and one of the very first authors on the podcast, Charles Duhigg, rejoins Zibby to discuss the New York Times bestseller SUPER COMMUNICATORS, a fascinating exploration of what makes conversations work, with stories, studies, and guidance that will transform the worst communicators into the very best. Charles explains what a super communicator is, emphasizing that it is not about charm or extroversion but rather a set of learnable skills—like asking deep questions. He also delves into the different conversation types, the challenges that can arise, the impact of digital communication, and the importance of authenticity.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 73. Pulitzer Prize Winner! NYT Journalist! Nicholas D. Kristof, CHASING HOPE: A Reporter's Life

    New York Times columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and bestselling author Nicholas D. Kristof joins Zibby to discuss his intimate and gripping new memoir, CHASING HOPE: A Reporter’s Life. Nick reveals how a brief stint in politics (running for governor of Oregon… and losing) unexpectedly gave him the gift of time, prompting this memoir. He shares anecdotes from his career in journalism, from editing the high school newspaper to reporting from conflict zones like Darfur. He discusses the challenges and rewards of the job, emphasizing the importance of fact-checking, humility, and compassion.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 72. Humanitarian! Chantha Nguon, SLOW NOODLES: A Cambodian Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Recipes

    Zibby welcomes Chantha Nguon to discuss SLOW NOODLES, a haunting and beautiful memoir about a Cambodian refugee who loses her country and family during Pol Pot’s genocide of the 1970s but finds hope by reclaiming the recipes she tasted in her mother’s kitchen. Chantha describes her experiences as a refugee, recounting the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge regime and the importance of preserving Cambodian culture, especially through food—from Namya fish soup to spicy green papaya pickles. She also shares the therapeutic effects of writing her story and her hope that the harrowing experiences of her people will never be forgotten.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 71. Mindy Kaling Pick!! Sheila Yasmin Marikar, FRIENDS IN NAPA

    Zibby speaks to Sheila Yasmin Marikar about FRIENDS IN NAPA, an unputdownable dark comedy about six old friends who descend on Napa Valley for a luxurious weekend of fine wine and good times… until old tensions simmer to the surface, and one friend ends up dead. Sheila discusses her transition from journalism to fiction writing, her collaboration with Mindy Kaling’s Book Studio, the inspiration behind this White Lotus-esque satirical novel, and how she developed her fun cast of characters and setting. And, in the end, she shares her best advice for aspiring authors!Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 70. NYT Bestselling Author! Allison Pataki, FINDING MARGARET FULLER

    New York Times bestselling author Allison Pataki joins Zibby (for the fourth time!!) to discuss FINDING MARGARET FULLER, a skillfully rendered and soul-stirring novel about the trailblazing 19th-century transcendentalist writer Margaret Fuller. Allison describes how Fuller remains relatively unknown today, despite her accomplishments: being the first woman to study at Harvard; writing foundational documents for the women’s rights movement; and being a central figure among renowned thinkers like Hawthorne and Thoreau. She also delves into Fuller’s complex relationships, radical ideas on marriage and women’s education, untimely death, and enduring influence on feminist history.Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!
  • 69. BookTok Sensation! Betty Cayouette, ONE LAST SHOT

    Zibby is joined by Betty Cayouette, a former fashion videographer and the creator of the viral TikTok account Betty’s Book List, to discuss her sweet and heartfelt debut romance, ONE LAST SHOT. Betty delves into the plot and inspiration of her friends-to-lovers romance, which is set in Cinque Terre, Italy, and revolves around a supermodel and a photographer with a past marriage pact who meet again ten years later. She also describes her passion for reading (she read 160 books last year!) and what it was like to go viral on BookTok (oh, and she shares some tips!).Purchase on Bookshop:, rate, & review the podcast, and follow Zibby on Instagram @zibbyowens!