Moments that make us

Life can bring about unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes, these moments can shape our lives, and bring about new and better beginnings– put simply, they’re often the moments that make us.

But how do we adapt to these changes and navigate a new course?

Women’s Agenda is thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Stella Insurance to bring you a special 6-part podcast series that will explore these unexpected life moments.

Through intimate conversations with notable women, we’ll explore the significant experiences in their lives and careers that have changed their trajectory, exploring how they’ve navigated new paths to become the leaders they are today.

Host of the series, Shivani Gopal expertly weaves in her own story of financial disempowerment and leaving an arranged marriage to become the founder and CEO of The Remarkable Woman, as well as the co-founder of Upstreet. 

Moments That Make Us is produced by Agenda Media, publisher of Women's Agenda. You can check out our other podcasts, The Women's Agenda Podcast, The Leadership Lessons and the Women's Health Project.