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Mom & Pod

Ep. 1: 8 Things I Learned About Being a Mom

Ep. 1

As a first-time mom, there were a lot to learn and honestly, I continue learning. Being a mom can be the hardest job in the world and no one will really tell you how to prepare for it. We thread it lightly, we take it one day at a time and our love for our family continues to grow everyday. Here are the 10 things I learned about being a mom and why we created Mom & Pod.

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  • Ep. 6: Differences of relationships and families

    Meet our tribe! I couldn't have survived being a first-time mom without the help of our friends and family. My personal tribe or our barkada has different relationship status', family set-up and parenting styles. Let's see what the differences are and why it works for them. Tune in as you might find a little something that would work for you too!
  • 5. Ep. 5: Things People Told Me About my Relationship and Family

    Let's keep it real! The society will say so many things about our relationships and the spotlight will really shine on you once you get married, have kids and build a family. But what if you skip those steps that many consider important? In this episode, we discuss the things people told me when they found out I am unmarried.
  • 4. Ep. 4: The Role of Family in Career Success

    Content Creator and our favorite Auntie (Auntie Julie) or Macoy Dubs shares his story of self discovery, career and the role of his family for his success. He will also share the struggles he experienced in the public eye.
  • 3. Ep. 3: How to Support Family Mental Health

    Mental Health still has stigma around it but what can you do to support a family member who is struggling mentally? Where can you get help? On this episode, we talk to Mind Nation's Chief Marketing Officer to get tips on how to help family members who may be having mental health issues.
  • 2. Ep. 2: The Wonders of Single Parenting

    There are many unconventional families out there and no matter the situation, we see how parents work hard to give the world to their children. Join us for today's episode as host and courtside reported Nikki Viola shares her wonderful motherhood story and how she's making single parenting work!
  • Mom and Pod Trailer

    Mom and Pod is the Podcast for the new generation of families. In this podcast, we share personal stories and experiences about family, relationships, motherhood, pregnancy, and everything in between. We will also have special guests that will share tips, tricks and heartwarming stories about this whole new life.