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Mockery Cushion

Plain Truths In A Homespun Dress

Season 1, Ep. 6

This week's episode explores the unusual life of eccentric American businessman Lord Timothy Dexter. Delving into his eighteenth-century escapades in enterprise, we discuss how the man made his fortune, and take a look at the legacy he left behind in his unique book - 'A Pickle For The Knowing Ones'.

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  • 8. The Haunting of Hood House (with George Hood)

    Could this ordinary house in Ipswich still be occupied by the spirits of people that once lived there? We talk to George Hood about the strange and unexplained experiences of him and his family there, over the years. As well as this, we also share some of our own personal and local stories about ghostly encounters.
  • 7. Lucid Dreaming and the Light of Awareness (with Robert Waggoner)

    After a small hiatus, we finally return to our usual antics. This week, we are joined by dream-expert, psychologist and author and Robert Waggoner, to discuss his experiences with the basic fundaments of lucid dreaming and its practical applications. We talk about techniques for getting started, what to do once you get there, and what we can learn in the dream-state about our conscious and subconscious mind, as well as the nature of reality itself.
  • 5. From Rags to Riches - The Journey of Joplin's 'Treemonisha' (with Rick Benjamin)

    This week, in another longer episode, we are honoured to be joined by American conductor and music-historian Rick Benjamin, to discuss the history and context of Scott Joplin's only surviving operatic work 'Treemonisha'. Alongside this, we address some misconceptions about the little-known life of the great composer.
  • 4. 'Splitting the Atom' - COVID Myths, Deceptions, and Misconceptions (with Atom Bergstrom)

    In this bonus double-length episode, we are honoured to be joined by California-based health educator and notable contrarian Atom Bergstrom, as we discuss untold truths about the coronavirus! We explore his opinions on the political motives behind the COVID response measures, where these viruses come from and the purported treatments, as well as the healing power of the mind.
  • 3. The Spells of Nostredame

    In the third episode of Mockery Cushion, we dive back in time to the Renaissance, to discuss the strange future predictions and prognoses made by a man named Nostradamus, in his quatrains of 1555. Alongside this, we touch on the Mayan culture, and mass-hysteria over cataclysmic events that never happened.
  • 2. "Where's the Time Gone?"

    In the second ever episode of Mockery Cushion, we discuss the 'phantom time hypothesis'. A theory put forward by Bavarian physicist Heribert Illig in 1991, proposing that a period of nearly three-hundred years during the early medieval period was entirely falsified and added to history. Did the 'dark ages' ever happen? Is it actually the year 1723? Listen and find out what we think…
  • 1. The Curious Case of Benjaman Kyle

    Welcome to our debut instalment of Mockery Cushion! In this first episode, we start by introducing ourselves, and then begin to discuss the mystery of what happened to American amnesiac 'Benjaman Kyle' during more than two decades that are missing from both his memory and public records.