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Has WW3 Already Begun? | Israel, Iran & The Hypocrisy That Is Corrupt Britain

Ep. 335

On this Moats, George Galloway MP reflects on speaking with the Prime Minister in the house of commons and holding him to task over Israel and Iran. Unelected Foreign Secretary Cameron says we’re in (bed with Netanyahu) and Iran promises condign punishment if Israel wages war against them. Is there an adult in the room to save us humans from total wipeout? The world went to war in February ’22, they just didn’t admit it says Gerald Clemente, who believes Israel will inevitably retaliate and WW3 will then escalate. Will it be Biden or Trump leading the west into war come election time? If the US doesn’t pull on the leash of the mad dogs in Tel Aviv it’s going to escalate says Professor Seyed Marandi who speaks from iran, which finds itself at the centre of attention on the world stage.

Gerald Celente: Trends Journal publisher and founder of the Trends Research Institute

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Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi: Professor of English Literature and Orientalism at the University of Tehran 

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