• 16. Moments with Unleashed

    Now is NOT the time for transformation or revolution, it’s the time for evolution.A fascinating conversation with Ginni and Anouk from about all things work right now. In this episode, we discuss preparing for a post-pandemic future of work, and how to create and maintain a strong team culture while we’re in a state of remote working. Enjoy!
  • 15. Moments with Rudi

    There has never been a more important time to accelerate inclusion and diversity action. But when COVID-19 kills the inclusion and diversity budget, how can companies move forward with meaningful progress? What’s the shift in leadership style that will encourage faster recovery from the pandemic and a greater sense of belonging? The answers to these and more in our latest podcast featuring Rudi Symons, a culture and inclusion specialist, who’s own personal life story has made her an exceptional champion of
  • 14. Moments with Alice, Danny and Adam

    We’ve decided to shake things up! In our latest Moments podcast we explore the topic of Learning and Development with a panel of HR professionals. Luke is joined by Alice from Monzo Bank, Danny from GP Strategies, and Adam from D&D London and they explore best practice L&D processes. Alice, Danny and Adam also share actionable insights on how L&D strategies can be modified to ensure employees develop and grow. They also cover the challenges they are facing during lockdown and the measures they have put in place to overcome them.
  • 13. Moments with David Manning

    This episode we welcome David Manning, Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement at the BBC (Design + Engineering division) to have a conversation around managing internal communications in a crisis. 
  • 12. Moments with Claire Pittaway

    This episode we were really excited to meet Claire, Employee Brand and Engagement Manager at Sky Betting and Gaming. She is a mental health first aider, is part of a wellbeing working group and heads up a great (and award winning) initiative which is an internal podcast 'time to talk' where colleagues openly talk about their mental health issues. We learn all about these forward thinking ideas and get advice on how we can approach mental health in the workplace.
  • 11. Moments with David M Brear

    This episode we meet with David M Brear, Founder and CEO of 11:FS, a challenger consultancy, to talk about what transformation actually is, what threads are important right now and how they are transforming the way we work. 
  • 10. Moments with Adam Kingl

    Adam Kingl joins us to chat around the topic of his recent book “Next Generation Leadership.” This is based on 10 years of research of ‘millennials’ and their expectations for work.
  • 9. Moments with Tom Goodwin

    This is quite likely the catalyst to speed to up changes that were already going to be made.”- A moment with futurist Tom Goodwin on what this all means for where we go now.
  • 8. Moments with Chris Platts

    In the latest episode from our moments series, we speak to Chris, CEO and Co-Founder of ThriveMap, all about authentic talent assessment. He gave us his advice on reducing bias, improving consistency and overall providing a better candidate experience.