cover art for 10/13/2022 - COVID-19 Booster Update | Teen E-Cigarette Data | Far East, Deep South

Mississippi Edition

10/13/2022 - COVID-19 Booster Update | Teen E-Cigarette Data | Far East, Deep South

A Mississippi doctor provides an update on COVID-19 boosters and bivalent vaccines.

Then, an annual CDC survey reveals a rise in teen e-cigarette usage.

Plus, Far East Deep South looks a Chinese-American family's connection to the Mississippi Delta.

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  • 05/20/2024: Hurricane Season | Broadband Access | WZZQ The Movie

    Hurricane season starts soon. Researchers are projective an active summer and fall.Then, public and private broadband providers are discussing how to connect folks across Mississippi to the internet.Plus, a new documentary airs tonight about the first counter-culture rock station in the southeast. Jackson's own WZZQ.
  • 5/16/2024: Mental Health Resources | Solar Panel Controversy | Addiction Prevention in MS

    It's National Mental Health Action Day, and experts are sharing how Mississippians can get in touch with the assistance they -- or a loved one --- may need.Then, the state public service commission undid a solar panel incentive program, a move environmentalists say is short-sighted and could violate the law.Plus, it's National Prevention Week. What tools are available in Mississippi for people to stay away from addiction?
  • 05/15/2024: Parole and Sentencing | Food Assistance | Southern Soul Music

    Incarceration rates are high in Mississippi, and the state legislature did little this year to address it according to prison reform advocates.Then, Mississippi turned down federal food assistance funding. How are families and food banks planning to move forward?Plus, Mississippi has been named the home of Southern Soul Music.
  • 05/14/2024: Brain Injuries | Rolling Fork | "The Dead Don't Need Reminding"

    Mississippi has one of the highest rates of death from traumatic brain injuries, according to new CDC data.Then, we re-visit the town of Rolling Fork, where residents are still working to rebuild from last year's devastating tornado.Plus, a new memoir shares the story of a black man and his great-grandfather who had to flee Mississippi because of his race.
  • 05/13/2024: Medicaid | Dirty Dozen Report | "I Am, I Can, I Will"

    Organizations that spent months advocating for Medicaid expansion are looking ahead to 2025 after efforts failed during this year's legislative session.Then, a national workplace safety group says two Mississippi companies are among the nation's most dangerous.Plus, a new book seeks to inspire young black women to be the best version of themselves.
  • 05/10/2024: PERS Changes | Economic Development Week | Presidential Medal of Freedom

    What changes to the public employee's retirement system could mean for local governments in Mississippi.Then, it's economic development week in the state.Plus, President Joe Biden is posthumously awarding Medgar Wylie-Evers with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His daughter shares her experience accepting the award on behalf of her late father.
  • 05/09/2024: Prison Welfare Funds | FAFSA Issues | Hurricane Preparedness Week

    A new report outlines how prisons in Mississippi can allegedly pocket inmate welfare funds. Then, incoming college students are trying to sources of financial aid, but technical issues are plaguing the FAFSA portal. Plus, it's hurricane preparedness week. Emergency managers say now is the time to make plans for a possible storm.
  • 05/08/2024: Public Funding Private School Lawsuit | Medicaid | History is Lunch

    Mississippi courts have chosen to not intervene in a case where public funds are being allocated to private schools.Then, Mississippi now joins Alabama as another Gulf South State that wasn’t able to approve Medicaid Expansion - and it leaves tens of thousands of people in the “coverage gap”.Plus, a murder mystery nearly 140 years in the making, involving a prohibitionist pastor and the owner of a local prison. That's ahead in this week's history is lunch.
  • 05/07/2024: Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill | State Health Officer Pt 2 | Hurricane Prep Week

    A recently passed bill could prevent transgender Mississippians from using public bathrooms and changing spaces in public schools, universities and prisons.Then, we continue our conversation with Mississippi's State Health Officer about the important medical issues facing the state.Plus, it's Hurricane Preparedness Week. What you need to know if evacuation orders are issued this summer.